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Bovet - Amadeo® Fleurier 36 « Miss Audrey »

Bovet Amadeo® Fleurier 36 « Miss Audrey »

Baselworld 2014 : The Amadeo® Fleurier 36 « Miss Audrey » watch brings a new face to the legendary Amadeo® collection of the brand Bovet.

The Amadeo® Fleurier collection is enhanced this year by the arrival of a 36mm diameter case. The new diameter of this case, available exclusively in stainless steel, was chosen to accommodate the different facets of this exquisite adornment.

Introduced in 2010 across the entire Fleurier Collection, the Amadeo® case allows the timepiece to be converted from a wristwatch to a pocket watch, a table clock or a pendant watch without the use of any tools whatsoever. For the “Miss Audrey”, it was necessary to further reduce the required space of the Amadeo® system without compromising its reliability in any way. Therefore, its stability has been proven by a rigorous 15,000 cycle test at the Chronofiable independent laboratory.

Due to its lower density of steel and its small size, the “Miss Audrey” is the lightest timepiece in the collection which is appreciated when the timepiece is worn as a pendant.


Bovet Amadeo® Fleurier 36 « Miss Audrey » purple light


The Amadeo® Fleurier “Miss Audrey” is proportionally narrower than other timepieces in the collection, and with this comes added femininity. Despite its thinness, the “Miss Audrey” has sufficient volume to be powered by a self-winding mechanical movement with impeccable timekeeping properties.

The guilloché dial of the “Miss Audrey” features the same motif as the mother-of-pearl guilloché dials in the Amadeo® Fleurier Collection. For its unveiling at the BOVET Salon in January 2014, two pastel colours and styles are available: turquoise and light purple. The dials have been lacquered by artisans of DIMIER 1738, Manufacture de Cadrans, to exactly match the shade of the coordinating straps of the timepiece. The four quarters of the dial are interspersed with diamond hour indexes, echoing the delicate setting of the bezel and bow. The steel case-back reprises the guilloché work on the dial. For added elegance and understatement, only two serpentine hands appear on the surface of the dial.

The Amadeo® Fleurier “Miss Audrey” watch comes with a strong synthetic fiber strap with every appearance of satin, and of course with a necklace allowing the timepiece to be worn as a pendant.


Bovet Amadeo® Fleurier 36 « Miss Audrey » Turquoise


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The Bovet Manufacture upholds the tradition of decorative art applied to finely cut and hand-painted dials, thus passing on the unrivalled knowhow that has been gracing the Firm’s collections and heritage since 1822.

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