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Cartier - Ronde Louis Cartier Watch with wood and gold leaf marquetry

Cartier Ronde Louis Cartier Watch with wood and gold leaf marquetry

This exceptional timepiece highlights the great expertise of Cartier's crafts creations studio.

This year the Ronde Louis Cartier watch inaugurates a technique never before seen in Cartier watchmaking: wood and gold leaf marquetry. The piece is produced by the marquetry artist at the Maison des Métiers d’Art in La-Chaux-de-Fonds.

This form of marquetry involves layering wood veneers over a 24-carat gold leaf. An upper layer of Macassar ebony reveals the richness of this precious exotic wood, its brown hue flecked with mahogany highlights. The marquetry artist sands or etches the surface to create the various details: a spot, an outline, or a transparent effect.

 Montre ronde louis cartier marqueterie de bois et feuille d’or

Ronde Louis Cartier watch with wood and gold leaf marquetry © Cartier

The artist works delicately with a patient, steady hand until flashes of gold emerge through the thickness of the wood and the material’s palette of bronzed tones is revealed. Peridots light up the tableau with two gleaming bright green eyes. The entire motif is crafted with the artistry of the jeweller. The head of the panther fully emerges from the centre of the dial after some five days of craftsmanship. Available in a limited edition of 30 individually numbered timepieces.

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