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Century - Baselworld 2014: Very

Century Baselworld 2014: Very "couture" watches

Blending romanticism, modernity and luxury, Century continues to interpret its famous sapphire in new and different ways. Philip Klingenberg, CEO, comments on the latest models.

How would you define the Century watch?
Our timepieces are all different and each has its own character and history, yet they nonetheless bear the brand’s unique, distinctive signature. Our know-how in creating Century sapphire cases gives our designers enormous creative freedom. For refined jewellery watches, we pay great attention to the elegance and comfort of the watch, such as working on the perfect cut of a horn, the curve of the case, the fit of a lug, or the flexibility and lightness of a metal bracelet. In a manner of speaking, we work like couturiers. We want timeless, incredibly feminine jewellery watches. Creations which capture the essence and beauty of a woman!

Who is the archetypal Century woman?
We are seeing that women are increasingly seeking a unique product, an exclusive timepiece that will be part of her history. The Century woman is an elegant, sophisticated woman, who seeks to be different from her peers. Sometimes she is glamorous, sometimes gracious, sometimes even bewitching and mysterious. When she falls in love with a brand, she remains true to it and continues to follow it every year. The wealth of our collection allows her to find a model for each occasion! When she loves it, she promotes the brand, or gives it as a gift. Many of our timepieces have been used to mark an important event such as a wedding gift from a woman to her future daughter-in-law, for example.




What themes have you focused your work on this year?
With our two stainless steel lines, Couture and Affinity, we have a jewellery watch for everyday life. For the first line, we have selected pastels, fresh spring colours, all emphasized by a little boudoir-style element, with the lacework motif.  For the second, we have played on the shape of the lugs which follow the shape of the sapphire to enhance it even further. In the Precious Elegance collection, we are launching a new line called Caprice, available in 18 carat white and red gold. This line is characterised by the shape of its octagonal case. Our Master Imperial collection is welcoming two new lines called Crescendo and Allegory. With the first, we marry the Century sapphire with a snow setting while with the second, we present a secret watch richly decorated with enamel.
We also present Caprice, a new line inspired by Art Deco, featuring lugs reminiscent of the brooches women wore in days gone by. The octagonal shape of the case is a reference to the symbolism of the lucky number 8! Crescendo is a new High Jewellery line which combines the beauty of the Century sapphire with snow setting. Whether on the diamond or diamond and pink sapphire version, we set more than 600 stones for each model! The gold hand-engraved dial is a eulogy to spring, the first blossoming after the melting of the snow …
And finally, we present Allegory with two exceptional timepieces. The concept is a secret watch which is worn open or closed. The daytime is in in red gold and the evening version in white gold, both graced with a champlevé enamelled décor.




Which one steals your heart?
Affinity! For a long time, we have being trying to complete our Contemporary Timepiece collection with a strong line featuring a resolutely jewellery spirit and very precious design. A high quality finely crafted watch for our entry level segment. We fell in love from the very first sketches, and the whole team was swiftly enamoured with the elegance of its lines. Then followed the technical side to create a light, comfortable watch. Affinity is the fruit of a lot of creative and technical research as well as the result of work achieved by a passionately dedicatedteam. We hope that this model will stir as much emotion as we experienced while creating it!




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Jewellery and watchmaking craftsmanship have been guiding the history of CENTURY for almost fifty years. With knowhow in sculpting and cutting sapphire cases, the CENTURY brand offers uncompromisingly contemporary timepieces – using the most traditional crafts.

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