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Chanel - Première Camellia Skeleton: Ladies second

Chanel Première Camellia Skeleton: Ladies second

Chanel’s second in-house movement in two years is its first for ladies.

Chanel’s Monsieur model, presented last year, was a double surprise: it was the brand’s first watch dedicated exclusively to gentlemen and it contained the brand’s first-ever in-house movement, the Calibre 1. One year later, as Chanel celebrates its 30th anniversary, we see the arrival of a second in-house calibre, this time dedicated exclusively to the house’s core customer: ladies.

The new movement, logically named the Calibre 2, is used in the octagonal case of the Première collection, which is no stranger to the brand’s fine watchmaking movements, since it already includes a flying tourbillon model in which the tourbillon cage takes the form of a camellia flower in latticework. In the new Première Camellia Skeleton, this design is extended to the entire skeletonized movement, which takes the shape of a three-dimensional camellia flower.

Première Squelette Camélia

In order to do this, the Première case had to be modified to accommodate the new movement, which is built up in layer and has petals that are partially hidden in the case middle. The movement bridges are in gold, in order to allow for a breathtaking version set with 246 brilliant-cut diamonds. With the stones measuring just 0.5 – 0.7mm in diameter, setting them on to the fine curves of these bridges is a true test of the setter’s skill. A non-set version of the movement is also available, with hand-bevelled mainplate edges that are subsequently coated with ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon) and rhodium plated to provide a deep black background.

Première Squelette Camélia

The Calibre 2 is manually wound, meaning that there is no movement from an oscillating mass to disturb the harmony of the watch. In keeping with the pared-down nature of this skeletonized timepiece, there is just one mainspring barrel, offering a total power reserve of 48 hours. It is stamped with Chanel’s Lion hallmark, which is only used for the brand’s high-end in-house movements. It’s worth underscoring that this really is a completely new movement coming just one year after the Calibre 1. In fact, the only components that the two movements have in common are three in their escapements: the pallet fork, the escape wheel and the double roller.

Première Squelette Camélia

The Chanel Première Camellia Skeleton is available in different versions, with or without diamond setting on the movement and hands and with cases set with brilliant-cut diamonds (for a total of 5.54 carats) or fully paved with a baguette diamond set bezel, crown and strap for a total of 22.7 carats. Prices range from 130,000 euros up to 260,000 euros.

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Through her life, Gabrielle Chanel embodied strength, character and a fierce desire for independence. Maison CHANEL, avant-garde and constantly innovative, has come down through the decades to become an unmistakable symbol of distinction, elegance and refinement.

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