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Chaumet - Collection Boléro

Chaumet Collection Boléro

A new collection comes with an original new advertising campaign.

The marketing synergies and tie-ins for men’s watches are well-trodden territory – with the worlds of extreme sports, automobiles and aviation resonating well with the male horological mind. Women’s watch campaigns however still feel as if they’re in beta mode, and the market may want to take its cue from Chaumet, who this month launches a new watch collection that’s fronted by a collection of some very remarkable – and real – women.

The new Chaumet Boléro collection takes its name from the famous Spanish dance and Ravel's Boléro, where movement and suppleness notably make their way into a beautiful, second-skin like gold link bracelet, which is fashioned from 330 specially engineered components. The round watch comes in two sizes, each with their own workhorses – 36mm, powered by a Swiss automatic movement (£24,400), and 30mm quartz (£19,500). There are also two finishes – pink or yellow gold – and two dial colours: classic silver or more assertive black, which are gracefully contrasted by a subtle gold minute track with round, understated hour markers. When complemented by the strong, polished gold bezel and jewel-like mirrored gold clasp, further topped by the slim, sculptural crown and Chaumet’s touch of signature Parisian chic – this is a watch that is timeless yet superbly modern and bold. With its dense, silky bracelet and harmonious lines, Boléro is an undeniable jewellery watch and nods to the trend for 1970s style watches that we’re seeing everywhere from Cartier to Gucci, and notably in yellow gold with a luxe, everyday look. A jewellery line - mesh gold bracelets and rings (from £2,170) – further complements the launch.

Chaumet Bolero

Boléro, two sizes © Chaumet

The title Boléro was no doubt chosen for the slow, seductive tempo yet distinctive, daring identity of the Latin dance and the music of Ravel – and Chaumet has fittingly teamed up with the fashion photographer and longtime collaborator of the house, Matthew Brookes, to capture a selection of alluring, accomplished women wearing the watch. Brookes’ portraits feel moody but no-nonsense, feminine but fierce (nearly all his subjects are coolly dressed in black, which contrasts especially well with the stylish watch). The women hail from all walks of life and successful careers: creative talents – Oscar nominated actress Bérénice Béjo, prima ballerina Olga Smirnova and concert pianist Alice Sara Ott – sit alongside the likes of airline pilot Ambre Lemesle and contemporary art collector Karen Boros. These are real women wearing a real watch – and it’s a campaign that other maisons may want to take note of….

Chaumet Bolero

© Chaumet

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