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Chaumet - Montres Précieuses

Chaumet Montres Précieuses

Six timepieces express the poetry of nature, illustrated by an automatic mechanical movement.

The precious new watchmaking creations of 2013 are born of the collaboration between Chaumet and the Swiss master craftsmen who practise and preserve exceptional savoir-faire and artistic decorative skills. They combine jewellery excellence with High Watchmaking, in a creative world where imagination and emotion know no boundaries.

The new creative complication watch by Chaumet sets the scene for a ballet between the Maison's iconic bee and the spider, in a décor which is as spectacular as it is exquisite ; the game of seduction, where the pink gold spider represents the hours and the diamond-studded bee the minutes. This unprecedented way of telling the time has been developed exclusively for Chaumet, seamlessly linking technique and aesthetics. Thanks to a totally innovative automatic mechanical movement, this timepiece marks a new chapter in the Maison's watchmaking history, inspired by innovation, excellence and emotion  (

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Six timepieces express the poetry of nature, illustrated by an automatic mechanical movement. The curtain rises to reveal a magical, romantic, playful and graceful performance. Chaumet's emblematic insects whirl, flutter, play hide and seek, let themselves be caught up by the hours and seduced by the minutes. Enameling, guillochage, miniature painting, engraving; these decorative craft-skills enhance the slightest details, while diamonds illuminate the iridescence of mother-of-pearl, the intensity of China ink or the delicacy of chalcedony.

Thus, time, so precious and fleeting, exceptionally surrenders to be caught.




The mischievous ledidopterans flit and flutter, flying blithely amid a gradation of the emblematic Chaumet blue - enhanced by the setting of the bezel and horns. Irresistibly attracted to the luminous guilloché rays of the rhodium-plated dial, they turn in a graceful movement. Their wings are defined by a silver border. Carved out of polished agate or tinted mother-of-pearl, the butterflies play with the diamond-set clouds whose sparkle lights up the décor with charming freshness. A blue-grey satin bracelet is the perfect finishing touch to this enchanting tableau.


Nature unveils its hidden geometry with the graphic lines of these butterflies set on a white mother-of-pearl dial. Jet black China ink contrasts stunningly with its delicately engraved mother-of-pearl setting. The butterflies' sculptural wings are depicted in perfect symmetry while their heads are symbolized by blue sapphires. The four precious stones are cabochon-cut and lend an added majesty to the hours.


Delicately iridescent lace-like butterflies flutter over the black mother-of-pearl dial and create a captivating contrast with their gossamer white mother-of-pearl wings. The bezel is set with diamonds arranged in a quincunx pattern. Hard stones - agate, cornelian and smoky quartz – are assembled one by one in a lifelike inlay to form a stunning and colourful tableau.



Carefree dragonflies are lifted in graceful movement and hover over the watch's dial. The dial, complemented by an ivory painted sapphire glass at its base, accentuates the impression of depth created by the flight of the aerial insects. Entirely depicted by hand thanks to the miniature painting technique, they flutter their wings with disconcerting reality. The satin bracelet, also dressed in ivory tones, joins in the dance.


A mayfly sits on a cherry tree branch, enjoying a precious moment of its brief existence… On the white gold dial, delicately hand-engraved in the purest High Watchmaking tradition, diamonds are strewn across an eternal sky. The branch, carved from gold and applied to the dial, is adorned with a spray of pink mother-of-pearl blossoms that have been delicately sculpted and polished. This alliance of precious materials continues with the insect's mother-of-pearl wings and gold body… A delightful scene that evokes the magic of springtime.


A saltwater mother-of-pearl disc illuminates the lapis lazuli dial, adorned with pierrite stone stars. Thus the moon's halo glows in the dark sky and lights up a nocturnal scene. Insects awaken amidst the miniature painted grasses and the flowers, cabochon-sculpted from dumortierite quartz, sway gently in the breeze. A snail, a dragonfly and a caterpillar have been cut out of freshwater mother-of-pearl and a hand-painted ladybird enhances the border of the diamond-set bezel.

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