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Chopard - Happy Sport Métiers d'art

Chopard Happy Sport Métiers d'art

To celebrate the 25th birthday of the Happy Sport collection, Chopard brought in "The Mains d’Art" of the Maison who employed ancestral techniques to create four exceptional models limited to 25 pieces.

In 1993, Caroline Scheufele, now Co-President and Creative Director at Chopard, imagined a sports watch combining for the very first time in the history of jewellery the precious nature of diamonds with such a sporty metal as steel. Whereas diamonds had already been released from their setting, Caroline Scheufele now wished to desacralize them, while detracting nothing from their magic or their fascination. They are thus no longer reserved for solemn occasions, instead taking their place in the rhythms of daily life: teamed with jeans, sports shoes, high heels or in the office, Happy Sport accompanies women in the many facets of their lives.

Since its creation, the Happy Sport line has been perpetually reinvented, in step with the evolutions in style and in society of which it is a symbol. To celebrate the 25th birthday of this emblematic collection in due style, the Maison has called upon its “Mains d’Art” (literally, ‘art hands’), its most expert specialised artisans, in creating four models constituting veritable works of art.

Happy Palm

As official historic partner of the Cannes International Film Festival, responsible for designing and producing the Palme d’or trophy since 1998, Chopard is now unveiling a model inspired by the prestigious award. Made of Fairmined-certified ethical gold – like the Palme d’or itself – and studded with diamonds, the Happy Palm reflects the quintessence of glamour. Resplendent evening gowns, sparkling jewellery, light bulbs popping around the trophy: all the magic of the Festival is thus encapsulated in a watch. Five moving diamonds and a miniature “Palme d’or” dance around the finely crafted mother-of-pearl dial. Masterfully reproducing the delicacy of a palm leaf, it is adorned with Urushi lacquer, a resin harvested in Asia from the eponymous trees and decorated using the ancestral Japanese art of maki-e (literally ‘sprinkled image’). Using infinitely accurate touches, the artisan traced and accentuated the dial motifs by dusting fine gold particles onto the still damp lacquer. No less than 170 hours of work were lavished on creating this plant-life motif.

Happy Sport Métiers d'art

Happy Palm © Chopard

Meanwhile, the case-back reveals equally spectacular artwork, since the L.U.C 96.23-L movement is adorned with slender ‘Palmes d’or’, hand-engraved using the Fleurisanne technique. This refined art, born in the 19th century in the Swiss village that is home to the Manufacture Chopard, developed a reputation that spread as far afield as China. It is distinguished by its raised motifs: instead of hollowing the motoif out of the material, the engraver makes it stand out by removing the surrounding matter. Keen to perpetuate this endangered skill, Chopard has trained Fleurisanne engraving artisans within its own workshops. The Happy Palm is paired with an alligator leather strap coated with 24-carat gold or entirely set with diamond.  

Happy Sport Métiers d'art

Case back view with Fleurisanne engraving © Chopard

Happy Fish

Translucent waters beaded with sapphires, waves enhanced with mother-of-pearl and gold leaf, cresting foam trimmed with diamonds: the expertise of the Chopard artisans invites us to explore the ocean and discover a shimmering, undulating world in a perpetual state of motion. Heir to a collection launched in 2002, the new Happy Fish watch stages a gold and mother-of-pearl creature swimming in deep blue waters featuring nuances created by snow-set sapphires arranged in graded shades. Gazing placidly at its surroundings through a red jasper eye, the dainty fish appears unperturbed by the seven diamond bubbles twirling next to it. Its gracefully flowing curves shimmer in the sunlight and are suffused with soft turquoise light when night falls. Crafted using engraving and inlaid luminescent pigments, the enchanting sight reappears with each new evening. A full 30 hours of work went into creating this fairytale tableau. The talent nurtured in the jewellery ateliers is also in evidence on the bezel, set with diamonds of three different sizes alternately arranged to create a softer effect, while the 18-carat rose gold case – paired with a royal blue alligator leather strap – beats to the tune of a self-winding movement.

Happy Sport Métiers d'art

Happy Fish during the day and at night © Chopard

Happy Snowflakes

The mysterious beauty of nature is an infinite source of inspiration for Chopard. Offering a paean of praise to fluffy snow crystals coating the world with glistening, immaculate white layers, Happy Snowflakes celebrates the magic of winter. Like the snowballs we remember from our childhood, this poetic timepiece treats the ephemeral crystals fallen from the sky to a taste of eternity. The powerful optical effect is perfectly mastered through the expertise of several artistic crafts, combined with high-quality materials. The mother-of-pearl adorning the dial comes from shells meticulously selected by Chopard. Shades, iridescent shimmering and textures: every characteristic is carefully studied so as to compose a naturally shiny and luminous decor that is as lifelike as possible. Highly skilled in the art of mother-of-pearl marquetry, the dial-maker has succeeded in tracing exquisitely slender flakes on this fragile surface, while others appear dotted on the watch crystal and the sides of the case. These hand-engraved motifs create a striking effect, instilling the impression of authentic snow crystals alighting on the watch before vanishing.

Happy Sport Métiers d'art

Happy Snowflakes © Chopard

Aptly enhanced by the snow-setting technique, the bezel shines with dazzling radiance, very much like snow glinting in the sunlight. Guided by a blend of instinct and expertise, the gemsetters have carved out cavities in the gold in order to house stones that are individual adjusted as the work proceeds. The resulting sparkle is also accentuated by the diamonds spinning across the dial, accompanied by a moving snowflake. Endowed with mesmerising powers, the Happy Snowflakes recalls tender memories of our childhood spent watching millions of flakes dancing past a window.

Happy Sport Joaillerie

“What astonished me most when entering Venice was the sense of lightness that suffused my entire being, that sudden joy of living and loving. “ (The Black Violin Maxence Fermine). The enchanting power of the self-styled “Most Serene Republic”, eloquently described by authors and artists, is embodied in a supremely elegant watch. Inspired by Venetian architecture, the timepiece evokes the splendour of certain buildings like the Doges’ Palace. The entirely gemset bezel is adorned with diamonds, arranged between slender white gold arches. The romance and timeless beauty of Venice are also expressed through the exquisite refinement of the delicately guilloché mother-of-pearl dial. This midnight blue watch face bears Roman numerals interspersed with diamond-set hour-markers. These contrasting colours and materials, part bluish shimmering and part dazzling whiteness, exude an aura of mystery and seduction recalling the enchanting Venetian Lagoon. The watch is fitted with a royal blue leather strap.

The brand

Maison Chopard epitomises the alliance between watchmaking and jewellery. It has always known how to meet the expectations of its day, relying on four essential values: expertise, tradition, innovation and commitment to philanthropy, whilst working hard to pass on knowhow and skills to future generations.

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