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Cyrus - Klepcys Alarm: wake-up rhapsody in blue

Cyrus Klepcys Alarm: wake-up rhapsody in blue

Cyrus presents its Klepcys alarm watch with a new blue dial.

With Patek Philippe presenting an Alarm version of its Pilot Travel Time watch this year (Ref. 5520P), mechanical watches with alarm functions could experience a boost. But there are relatively few brands with such models in their collections. While one hand might not be enough to count them all, two probably would: Blancpain, Breguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Zenith have all had alarm models in their collections, and Vulcain is known for its singular Cricket model that vibrates vigorously on your wrist to wake you up. Cyrus, therefore, is in esteemed company with its Klepcys Alarm model.

Klepcys Alarm: wake-up rhapsody in blue

Klepcys Alarm, blue dial © Cyrus

Among this rare breed of timepiece, however, none has a symmetrical case like the Klepcys Alarm, with its twin crowns on opposing sides of the case. The design is a remnant of the brand’s first chronograph model, on which the two crowns were used for the start/ stop and reset functions respectively. In the CYR1280 alarm calibre developed by Jean-François Mojon, however, only a single crown is needed to set the time and the alarm. The alarm can be set to the nearest minute by pulling the crown at 3 o’clock out once and setting the time on the 24-hour subsidiary dial accordingly. Pulling the crown out to its second position sets the time on the main hour and minute dial, which is slightly off-centre (always a good way of setting an in-house movement apart from the crowd). Pushing the crown activates or deactivates the alarm and the current setting can be seen on an “on/off” indicator at 7 o’clock. A day/night display at 11 o’clock coordinates the time on the 12-hour main dial with the alarm on the 24-hour dial so that the alarm wakes you up in the morning rather than at dinner time. A loud chime lasting up to 16 seconds ensures that you won’t sleep through the alarm.

Klepcys Alarm: wake-up rhapsody in blue

© Cyrus

The manually wound mechanical movement features two parallel mainspring barrels, one of which is used to power the watch for up to 72 hours, the other is used separately for the alarm function, powering a hammer visible at 8 o’clock that strikes a gong around the circumference of the inside of the case. 

This latest version with a blue dial featuring a decoration of raised triangles is available with the complex 26-part cushion-shaped case in stainless steel or a combination of stainless steel and black DLC treated grade 5 titanium. Only 38 pieces of each model will be available, making this rare type of timepiece just that little bit rarer.

Klepcys Alarm: wake-up rhapsody in blue

© Cyrus


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Above all, Cyrus sees itself as a non-conventional firm. With a very distinctive style and a number of patented functions, the Firm is committed to proving that fine watchmaking can be innovative by getting off the beaten track, without compromising quality in the slightest.

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