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Cyrus - The conquest of the planet Mars

Cyrus The conquest of the planet Mars

#wtbasel/The innovative spirit of the young brand stroke once again. A new model, which pays tribute to the red planet, was presented at Baselworld.


Press release

Born from the collaboration between Cyrus and the well renowned watchmaker - Jean-François Mojon - this exclusive model is available in limited series.

Discover its story...








539 B.C.
Babylon the Great falls at the feet of Cyrus.
Upon crossing the legendary city walls and after seeing the Ziggurat (a 91- metre high tower in the heart of Babylon, which back then was considered as the gateway between Heaven and Earth), Cyrus pointed his finger towards MARS and said to his trusted general Harpagus: "That will be our next conquest."

July 1976
Some 2,500 years later, an extraordinary event occurred around Mars.
The Viking 1 probe was sent around the red planet to take a series of pictures in order to find a good landing site for Viking 2. When the very first pictures were analysed, a mixed feeling of surprise and excitement spread within the scientific community... A face, more than three kilometres long, had just been discovered in the Cydonia Region on Mars. Who could have carved this face? What was the purpose? When did this happen? So many questions that continue to perplex the scientific community, and that make many of us wonder...








March 2012
The Cyrus team, in collaboration with the famous astronaut watchmaker Jean-François Mojon, captured the face of Mars and decided to produce two limited editions (available in red gold and titanium) of 33 timepieces each. The Red Planet has been removed from the solar system and now rotates inside CYRUS watches, at the same speed as it does in the universe, i.e. every 24 hours, 37 minutes and 22 seconds. A unique Martian complication.







The dream of Cyrus the Great has come true. Mars has been conquered. Only 66 earthlings will be able to enjoy this unique experience on their wrist.


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As a modern, dynamic and independent company with its Manufacture in Le Locle, CYRUS approach to the “Conquest of Innovation” requires to dive into the unknown to discover what has never been done before. Cyrus timepieces, designed by master-watchmaker Jean-François Mojon, are the perfect blend of the highest level of innovation possible combined with a unique and distinctive aesthetics which endows all creations with a strong identity.

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