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Cyrus - The Klepcys Mars Collection

Cyrus The Klepcys Mars Collection

The Cyrus team decided to produce two limited editions of 33 timepieces each with the exact replica of the face of Mars on the dial.





GMT XXL - Summer 2012

The rotation of mars is at the same speed as in the Universe – 24 hours 37 minutes and 22 seconds

A niche brand for discerning collectors, Cyrus is full of surprises on every front – watchmaking content (developed for certain models in collaboration with talented watchmaker, Jean-François Mojon) that has already won awards ; marketing content based on the history of the Emperor Cyrus the Great dating back 2500 years ; along with completely unexpected, high-fl ying partnerships (see next page). Thus the Klepcys Collection is a phenomenal watch distinguished by its historical inspiration as well as by its design and its patented functions.

Back to the roots

539 B.C. : Babylon the Great falls at the feet of Cyrus. Upon crossing the legendary city walls and after seeing the Ziggurat (a 91-metre high tower in the heart of Babylon, which back then was considered as the gateway between Heaven and Earth), Cyrus pointed his fi nger towards Mars and said to his trusted general Harpagus : “That will be our next conquest.” Ambitious? At the age of four, Cyrus was elected king by his peers, before, according to writings from the era, becoming “king of three quarters of the world” through his victories, the most famous of which was the taking of Babylon. Some 2,500 years later during summer 1976, an extraordinary event occurred around Mars. The Viking 1 probe was sent around the red planet to take a series of pictures in order to fi nd a good landing site for Viking 2. When the very fi rst pictures were analysed, a mixed feeling of surprise and excitement spread within the scientifi c community... A face, more than three kilometres long, had been discovered in the Cydonia Region on Mars. Who could have carved this face ? For which purpose ? When did this happen ? So many questions that continue to perplex the scientific community, and that make many of us wonder...






Mars is worth a special edition

The Cyrus team, in collaboration with the famous astronaut watchmaker Jean-François Mojon (voted best designer/developer at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix 2010), captured the face of Mars and decided to produce two limited editions of 33 timepieces each with the exact replica of the face of Mars on the dial : the Klepcys Mars Collection, in titanium, or in black titanium DLC. Both of them feature two worldwide patented functions: the three-dimensional retrograde display mechanism displays hours, minutes and seconds on a movable axis with a day/night indication, while maintaining precise control over the height of the retrograde hour hand with a ruby bearing ; while the calendar with large date is indicated by three-dimensional retrograde and pivoting tens (also featuring precise control of the height of the tens hand with a ruby bearing). The Red Planet has been removed from the solar system and now appears in a handpainted version rotating inside Cyrus watches at the same speed as it does in the universe, i.e. every 24 hours, 37 minutes and 22 seconds. A unique Martian complication. The dream of Cyrus the Great has come true. Mars has been conquered. Only 66 earthlings will be able to enjoy this unique experience on their wrist. Third millennium collectors can rest assured that watchmakers still have plenty of good stories left to tell.







It's hardly surprising that the Klepcys Mars Collection features two worldwide patents.


Cyrus undertakes a successful charity operation in Monaco

Launched in the 1st year of the 2nd decade of the 3rd millennium, the connoisseurs' brand that always does things its own way once again surprised its guests, composed of collectors and media representatives, by sponsoring an event created in 1993 by Prince Albert II of Monaco on behalf of children : Star Team For the Children. The football match played two days before the Monte Carlo Formula 1 Grand Prix race featured two exceptional teams put together for the occasion : on the one hand, drivers such as Alonso, Fisichella and Massa, headed by Michael Schumacher on top form; and on the other, a number of retired leading exponents of other disciplines forming the Star Team. The latter comprised the sovereign of Monaco who played during the fi rst half of the match, the cyclist Chiapucci, former footballers Nedved, Cobobs, Ettori and Rool, as well as the brand ambassador, world champion Swiss tightrope walker Freddy Nock. All proudly wore the jersey bearing the Cyrus logo. Proceeds from this exhibition match, which ended in a draw at 2-2, were donated to the Foundation of Princess Charlène de Monaco, who was also present to watch the match.








Cyrus founder Laurent Lecamp presented the trophy to the two team captains. The Prince graciously took part in the photo session in front of dozens of flashbulbs and cameras that thronged the pitch to immortalise this timeless and atypical encounter under the Cyrus banner.

Also at the foot of the princely rock surrounded by the blue waters of the Mediterranean, Cyrus took part in May 2012 in the Formula 3 Grand Prix (Sponsor Martini F3 MK39) during the Grand Prix Historique de Monaco. Proudly adorning the front of the racing car sponsored by Cyrus, the brand logo wound its way at top speed around the curves of the circuit during three days of high-octane competition through the streets of Monaco. The shapes synonymous with performance and the streamlined bodywork of these powerful cars are indeed reminiscent of the spirit governing the Kuros collection by Cyrus, which features a design inspired both by the past and the future.





Kuros © Cyrus



This slender, curving case makes a perfect fit on the wrist thanks to a design for which a global patent has been registered. Immediately identifiable thanks to its lefthand crown placed opposite the right-hand one and the chronograph pushers, the Kuros is issued in limited series. The double function of its left-hand crown is a perfect illustration of the brand's unique character : it ensures a symmetrical design (in relation to its right-hand counterpart), while also carrying the mysterious numbering of the model (visible only via a system activated by the owner). Generous, original and endowed with a strong temperament, the Kuros collection is equally suited to collectors who like to venture off the beaten track, and to top-level sportsmen whose self-assurance is matched by a will to appeal to others and to share high-speed thrills.












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The brand

As a modern, dynamic and independent company with its Manufacture in Le Locle, CYRUS approach to the “Conquest of Innovation” requires to dive into the unknown to discover what has never been done before. Cyrus timepieces, designed by master-watchmaker Jean-François Mojon, are the perfect blend of the highest level of innovation possible combined with a unique and distinctive aesthetics which endows all creations with a strong identity.

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