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De Bethune - DB28 Maxichrono

De Bethune DB28 Maxichrono

Baselworld - Fitted with De Bethune’s absolute clutch system, the DB28 Maxichrono combines traditional heritage and modern styling.

The chronograph, the traditional way of measuring elapsed times, joins the contemporary DB28 collection. The result is a creation that combines the old and the new in both its design and technical construction.

The juxtapositions extend to the surprising combination of a round case with openworked floating lugs on springs – a patented system that adapts them precisely to the shape of the wrist and its movements. The rose gold case makes a sharp contrast with the blackness of its floating lugs in hand-polished, oxidised zirconium.

Contemporary skeleton hands in polished black oxidised steel tell the time of day. They point to black numerals in a modern typeface, their presence reinforced by their colour and size. Elapsed times are recorded more conventionally with hands that are shaped, polished and blued in the traditional way over a flame. Numerals borrowed from marine chronometers complete the indications of the chronograph counters.




Yet the DB28 Maxichrono remains a modern chronograph with a button paired with the crown controlling the five hands mounted coaxially in the centre of the dial. Stacked wheels with their shafts fitting inside each other took real technical prowess to realise.

The DB28 Maxichrono, fitted with De Bethune’s absolute clutch system - also found in the DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon - is a precise and reliable time-measuring instrument where traditional heritage and modern styling coexist in harmony to proclaim a strong identity. Only 20 pieces will be issued in 2014.




The brand

De Bethune embraces the wealth of the watchmaking knowhow of the past in order to design the watches of the future. This combination results in timepieces with all the attributes and technical expertise of Fine Watchmaking, whilst at the same time remaining free from traditional constraints.

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