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Baselworld 2014
DeLaneau  - Rondo Translucent Creations

DeLaneau Rondo Translucent Creations

Baselworld - DeLaneau introduces the new Rondo Translucent Creations: 9 unique pieces adorned with translucent enamel that reveals nature's colours through the power of light.

Like many DeLaneau creations, translucent enamel draws its inspiration from nature and is designed to come alive with light. The changing seasons are among nature's greatest wonders. DeLaneau created its own colour palette of different enamelled tones to express the shades of each individual season.

Before the enamel is applied, the dial of each Translucent Creations is decorated with an underlying guilloche pattern created by master engravers. After this, the dial is Grand Feu enamelled in-house - a painstaking process which ensures absolute uniformity of colour and depth but which still allows the pattern to refract light to create a unique effect. 

Once the required finish is achieved, the now exceptionally delicate dial is laser-drilled at the 12 o'clock position to enable the setting of a single, flat, precious stone. This serves as the DeLaneau signature on a dial which is otherwise unadorned in order that the true beauty of its semi-transparency can be seen to the best effect. 

To view the pictures of the whole collection, click on the image above.