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Emile Chouriet - A ballerina at the top of the Streif

Emile Chouriet A ballerina at the top of the Streif

The elegant sporty-chic Fair Lady Ballerina explored the majestic landscape of the Austrian Tyrol in the company of our editor.

The world of classical dance and silk tutus has invaded the Fair Lady collection, replacing the previous model with its origami-inspired design. The dial of this new watch features a superb opalescent silvery guilloché motif recalling the swirling skirts of ballet dancers. The gentle curves offer excellent readability and are soothing to the eye in times of stress.

Like a ballerina pirouetting on a stage, the hands perform their revolutions around the shimmering dial decorated with its four diamond markers (0.014 ct), which add a touch of luxury. The bracelet is also no mere afterthought. The ends closest to the watch bezel are finished with blue Swarovski crystals, which echo the shape of the fluted crown with its inset stone.  

A ballerina at the top of the Streif

© Emile Chouriet

The watch is feminine down to smallest details. It comes in a 29 mm round steel case that fits comfortably on all wrists. Those who are smaller boned like myself needn’t worry that the watch will slip. I had to remove several links from the steel bracelet but, even when shortened, it remained highly flexible and comfortable (and no one need be any the wiser!).

A ballet performance requires an extraordinary degree of precision; the same goes for a watch. The Fair Lady Ballerina is driven by a Swiss made high-precision self-winding mechanical movement. Thanks to its 38-hour power reserve, I only had to reset the time once. 

A ballerina at the top of the Streif

Fair Lady Ballerina © Emile Chouriet

Who would have thought that dance and watchmaking would share the same values? The key to watchmaking mastery mirrors the artistic mastery of a ballerina – they both require precision, elegance and flexibility. It’s all a matter of timing.

Sporty but chic

Not being a dancer myself, I decided to take this elegant ladies’ watch with me on holiday to Austria. It accompanied me on all my excursions through the Tyrol. It’s so light that it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it, but when you need to know the time, or how long you have to visit a particular place, it’s right there.

A ballerina at the top of the Streif

The Fair Lady Ballerina at the Krimmler waterfalls © WorldTempus/Cloé Mugny

In fair weather or foul (unfortunately, we had several rainy days over the two weeks) the light-coloured, uncluttered dial offers optimum readability. Although a lake swim was out of the question, I tested the water resistance (30 m) of the watch, which coped admirably with raindrops and the spray from the Krimml falls in the Hohe Tauern nature reserve in the state of Salzburg. Incidentally, the falls are apparently the highest in Europe, and they’re certainly worth a visit!

A ballerina at the top of the Streif

View of the start house and the slope © WorldTempus/Cloé Mugny

In addition to its magnificent lakes, the Tyrol has many ski resorts that open their verdant slopes in the summer. As a keen skier, I took the Fair Lady to the top of the Streif (Kitzbühel), the most iconic downhill of the Alpine skiing world cup season. It’s also the most challenging run, and the most impressive. Standing at the start gate, I had no desire to show off... the steep slope sent chills up my spine. But I reassured myself that the folding buckle of the watch was firmly closed, and that I wouldn’t be chasing down the slope after it! The clasp is both elegant and easy to use. Once the watch is on the wrist, it’s practically impossible to see where the two ends of the bracelet meet. 

A ballerina at the top of the Streif

Elements 007 © WorldTempus/Cloé Mugny

The Ballerina also suffered more extreme conditions in Sölden, at an altitude of more than 3,000 m. In the village the temperature was pleasant, but at the top it was like being in a refrigerator. Inside the building dedicated to James Bond (some scenes from the film Spectre were shot here), which is unheated, our bodies were tested, but the heart of the three-handed watch continued to beat at the same frequency.

Equally at home in town and country

After the state, we visited the city of Salzburg. The Fair Lady Ballerina is equally at home strolling through shopping streets and savouring the culinary specialities of the region as it is engaged in more rugged pursuits. Paired with a more formal outfit, it adds a subtle lift and a note of elegance.

In this magnificent city that lives and breathes music and dance, this watch is completely in its element. The motifs on the dial, with their hints at ballerinas’ silk tutus and elegant lace slippers, are like the echoes of the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or the songs of The Sound of Music. This little corner of paradise is a feast for the eyes, the ears and the taste buds.

I fell in love with Austria, and also with the graceful Fair Lady Ballerina, which has since become my timepiece of choice. This elegant, understated watch, a perfect companion for daily wear, is available for the attractive price of CHF 1,240.


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