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For You All - Five Watch Brands That Are Gender Neutral

For You All Five Watch Brands That Are Gender Neutral

Some watches are made for everyone.

The newest buzz word in the world of watches – and in the world in general – is gender neutral. For the longest time we have labelled watches as women’s or men’s … but just like LGBTQ members are taking back words like queer, the watch world has to forget the labels and recognize that – in most cases – sex goes out the window when it comes to timepieces.  It’s perfectly fine for anyone to wear a diamond watch if they like the look of it on their wrist. Similarly, it’s super chic to wear a big clunky sport watch if that makes you feel great. We need to rip off the feminine/masculine band-aid and understand that watches work on any side of the gender divide – they are, after all, a personal choice. Here we take a closer look at five watches that are all about form and function – and may even be a bit sexy –without connotating sex. 

Czapek Quai des Bergues Midnight in Geneva S

With the introduction of this watch, Czapek & Cie bills it as a “genderless timepiece to seduce watch lovers.” They hit the nail on the head there. In fact, at 38.5mm in diameter, this entrancing Quai des Bergues watch features a  shimming blue aventurine dial. The glass perfectly captures the sparkling particles within it and emulates the sky, for a look that is romantic yet somehow pure. Additionally, the dial features welded subdials also in aventurine. It is powered by a proprietary hand-wound movement with two barrel springs offering 7 days of power reserve. To wear this watch, one only needs a love of the night sky and of classic watchmaking beauty. 

Five Watch Brands That Are Gender Neutral

Czapek Quai des Bergues Midnight in Geneva S © Czapek

Urwerk UR-111C Two-Tone

Definitely not conventional, the newest Urwerk UR-111C Two-Tone watch pushes a host of boundaries – and is the perfect watch for anyone wanting a high-profile kick-ass timepiece. Part of the company’s Special Project series, the watch offers time display via a satellite system for the hours, and a retrograde display for the minutes. The numerals are set on a 30-degree diagonal slant for optimum readability. The seconds are displayed using two small wheels at the top of the watch that are on optical fibers so they have a surreal floating sense – almost emulating the seconds passing by in real time. Devoid of a crown thanks to a roller-winding system, this watch can make any statement you want it to – no matter who you are.

Five Watch Brands That Are Gender Neutral

Urwerk UR-111C Two-Tone © Urwerk

Arnold & Son Nebula 38 Steel

If you love architecture and structure, you’ll love the new stainless steel Arnold & Son Nebula watch. Thanks to an open-worked movement, every aspect of this complex caliber is visible to the wearer and onlookers. It is as though one is getting an exploded view of the watchmaking mechanics, which, in this case, have been beautifully thought out with all of the bridges converging from the center of the dial out to the edges in harmony. With an interplay of solids and space, the A&S 5101 caliber is perfectly proportioned for the 38mm steel case – that looks divine on any wrist.

Five Watch Brands That Are Gender Neutral

Arnold & Son Nebula 38 Steel © Arnold & Son

Corum Golden Bridge Round 43

Toss away the old saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Diamonds are friends of everybody. Especially when it comes to donning this avant-garde Corum Golden Bridge round watch. While it measures 43mm in diameter, it doesn’t have a big, chunky look  to it at all thanks to the vertical in-line baguette movement that seemingly floats in air. The suspension-bridge structures are inspired by the famed Golden Gate Bridge that was the basis for the creation of the hand-wound caliber. The 18-karat rose gold case is set wit h56 VVS/H full-cut diamonds weighing 1.75 carats.

Five Watch Brands That Are Gender Neutral

Corum Golden Bridge Round 43 © Corum

Kerbedanz Maximus Royal

Color knows no gender, and this Kerbedanz Maximus Royal tourbillon watch – meticulously set with rows and rows of  rubies – is equally as gender neutral. Imagine waving at someone wearing this watch? You would command an audience for sure.  The watch gets its name from the oversized 27mm tourbillon escapement – the largest in the world. The flying tourbillon cage of this mechanical movement, caliber KRB-08, rotates once every six minutes. The 415-part movement is equipped with four barrels in parallel and offers 54 hours of power reserve. This watch is not for the faint of heart. It is all about making a powerful statement, no matter who you are. 

Five Watch Brands That Are Gender Neutral

Kerbedanz Maximus Royal © Kerbedanz

Lecture 1 Comment(s)

28 March 2020
Ali Bukhari
i wish i can have one of them. They are out of this world. Brilliant. Regards, Ali

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