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Glashütte Original - The Sixties Edition - Dials in the making

Glashütte Original The Sixties Edition - Dials in the making

The new models of Sixties Iconic Square collection feature coloured dials crafted in Glashütte Original's own dial manufactory in Pforzheim, Germany.

The Sixties Iconic Square collection comprises five square chronographs featuring distinctive dials made by the Saxon manufactory’s own dialmakers in Pforzheim. The stunning colours and fascinating dial visuals take up iconic design elements first presented in a range of “Spezimatic” models produced in the 1960s. Made using original tools and authentic methods from the 1960s, they are the result of an extremely complex and time-consuming process. Glashütte Original's expert dialmakers pay obsessive attention to each of the labour- intensive steps, in particular to the application of coloured lacquers to achieve the precise hues and shading, from light centres to dark perimeters, known as the “dégradé effect” – a lavish finish found on all of the five pieces.

To begin with, the dials are given a galvanic base coat; layers of coloured lacquer are then added by hand in a series of subsequent steps. In a final step, black lacquer is carefully applied to this ‘‘canvas’’ using a special spray gun -- this technique produces, depending on the angle at which the gun is held, an individual colour gradient, known as the dégradé effect, which renders each watch unique. The unusual colour of the Tangerine dial results from an additional lacquer colour: The initial galvanic coating in gold is not only combined with a layer of black, but also red lacquer.

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Glashütte Original is the rightful heir to Germany’s 170 years of legacy in the art of watchmaking. Glashütte Original is an authentic high-end manufactory that outfits all of its watches with in-house developed and made movements.

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