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GPHG - Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève
HYT - At the GPHG 2013

HYT At the GPHG 2013

HYT's H2 has been pre-selected and will take part in the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève competition in the "Innovation" category.

In 2012, HYT's H1 won the prize in the GPHG "Watch Innovation" category. This year, HYT pushes the limits of hydro mechanics yet further with the H2.

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The guiding principle behind this new concept is to further integrate fluidics into mechanical watchmaking.The architecture of the hybrid movement has been redesigned: deconstructed, it coexists, integrates, encloses the bellows, and the system of feelers, cams and pistons. In a Hydro Mechanical watch, these are not just aesthetic elements, but rather key components.
Featuring a black DLC titanium case with a diameter of 48.8 mm and a thickness of 17.9 mm as well as a domed sapphire crystal, the fluidic display on the H2 is intuitive.
At the GPHG 2013The double barrel, visible through the back of the watch, offers an 8-day power reserve. Using the visibility of the barrel spring, the power reserve is displayed in an innovative fashion via the openworked barrels. 
Hydro mechanical horology principles
The driving force behind the idea to introduce hydro mechanical technology in 2012 is simple: Two flexible reservoirs with a capillary attached at each end. In one, an aqueous liquid containing fluorescein. In the other, a viscous transparent liquid. Keeping them apart is the repulsion force of the molecules in each fluid. 
At 6 o'clock, the two bellows, made from an incredibly strong and supple electro-deposited alloy, are moved by a piston. When the first is compressed, the other is extended, and vice versa, driving the movement of the fluids in the capillary. The meniscus, which marks the separation between the fluids in the tube, displays the time. When it reaches 6 pm, the fluorescent liquid returns to the original position using a retrograde movement. 

At the GPHG 2013



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The Hydro Mechanical Horologists at HYT have realised an impossible dream: combining mechanics and fluids in a wristwatch.

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