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HYT - H5: At the Core of a New Time

HYT H5: At the Core of a New Time

The company presents its new H5 model with a new movement in a limited edition.

A unique representation of time

Time is fluid. Through their latest creation, HYT gives this metaphor a concrete meaning: time is represented by means of two immiscible liquids confronting each other within a borosilicate glass tube, thus more resistant to temperature variations and pressure. The black liquid, synonymous with the past, meets the transparent liquid, representing the future time. The meeting point, called meniscus, between these two opposing liquids symbolizes the present, illustrated by the hours, the minutes and seconds found on two other off-centred dials. This system therefore proposes a complete representation of space-time by including what has been, what is and what will be.

An unprecedented movement

The great novelty of this H5 model is undoubtedly its movement: the calibre 501. After three years of hard work in collaboration with Tec Group and Eric Coudray, the company is able to present its movement beating at a frequency of 28,800 Alt/h with a power reserve of 65 hours. As synchronization of the minute hand and liquid time has always been a priority, the hand-wound mechanism provides a constant rhythm and distributes the appropriate level of energy to ensure that liquids flow at the expected speed into the glass capillary. A one-minute progression of the liquid inside the glass tube is equivalent to a 1.5 micron move.

H5: at the core of a new time

Front (on the left) and back (on the right) of movement 501 © HYT

As the link between mechanics and fluids, the feeler-spindle (oversized lever) occupies an important place. This one, with a polished finish, works like a connection because it makes the link between the operation of the cam, which transforms a circular movement into a rectilinear movement, and that of the bellows, which regulate the movement of the two liquids. When you hear a ticking sound, a chain reaction occurs. When the lever is actuated, the movement pushes against the bellows allowing the uninterrupted flow of fluids over a period of twelve hours. When the timepiece indicates six hours, both liquids return to their initial position. To prevent the glass capillary from breaking, this rewinding process takes one minute.

H5 : au cœur d’un temps nouveau

Movement and feeler-spindle © HYT

Increased visibility

With the H5, the brand is strengthening its mechanical side by highlighting the new movement. Indeed, through the sapphire crystal back of the 48.8mm-diameter stainless steel case, the various layers constituting the 501 calibre are widely visible. The complex shaped cam, offering thirteen individual possibilities to precisely adjust and index the hour indication to the minute advancement, is an example of this appreciation of the H5 components. Moreover, with this new model, HYT's desire is to highlight the very essence of how the timepiece works: the link between mechanics and fluids. Within this new creation, this is confirmed because the central element of this connection, the feeler-spindle, occupies a prominent place in the foreground.

H5: at the core of a new time

Back of the H5 © WorldTempus/Jordy Bellido

Previously, the company's creations were rather poetic, particularly with the H0 or H1.0 collections (and even more so with the Soonow collection), because each let everyone imagine how it would work. Now, the H5 clearly makes visible the interaction that occurs at its core, HYT's desire being to show traditional watchmaking mechanics. This new creation therefore highlights, at the same time, the work of the hands that made it. Although this new model seems to resemble its sisters in the H²O collection, this one, water-resistant to 50 metres, goes even further because it tries to seduce us (which it does perfectly) by stripping itself of even more.

The layer system on this new model allows you to clearly distinguish each element like, for example, the seconds dial, the power reserve dial or the oversized green numbers. Thanks to these different layers, each of the components is enhanced.

H5: at the core of a new time

H5 © HYT

When the light darkens or disappears completely, the H5 does not lose any of its splendour or brightness. Indeed, it is equipped with Super-LumiNova® technology, i.e. photoluminescent pigments, allowing you to find your way through time at any moment. It is found under the glass capillary indicating the hours for example. The curved sapphire crystal, already present on the H²O, provides more luminosity and therefore visibility to the components of the H5 and particularly to the numbers on the side of the dial.

Contemporary and limited

The resolutely contemporary aspect of this timepiece is reinforced by the material chosen to create the bracelet: rubber.

One of a kind? Yes and no. Yes, because it is clearly different from the other timepieces in the watchmaking industry and no, because it is available in two limited editions of 25 pieces each: the green colour, common to both creations, is accompanied by grey or black.

H5 : au cœur d’un temps nouveau



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