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JeanRichard - Graphiscope, a collection created by Gully

JeanRichard Graphiscope, a collection created by Gully

On 18th September in Paris, JeanRichard presented the Graphiscope Collection, three limited-edition series of 25 exclusive watches designed by the street artist Gully.

It was at the ultra-minimalist venue of Opera Gallery that was presented the Graphiscope special watch collection, the result of the collaboration between JeanRichard and the graffiti artist Gully. At the reception, guests also discovered the spectacular painting "Philosophy of Art 2", specially created by Gully for JeanRichard.

"Gully, a big name in street art and a friend of our brand, was wearing a Terrascope watch one day when he was working on a new painting. At the end of the day he found that the watch had splashes of paint all over it, and suddenly the idea came for a collaboration between us," explains Bruno Grande, Managing Director of JeanRichard.

A great example of avant-garde spirit, creativity and freedom of expression! And so the idea started to take shape for a form of symbiosis between "Philosophy of Life", a concept close to the heart of JeanRichard, and "Philosophy of Art", the theme of the latest exhibition by Gully, well known for paying tribute to great artists by including them in his works.
"For JeanRichard, time is a philosophy of life, and for me, art is my philosophy of life. Between the two of us, we bring together very different universes to create highly unusual limited editions ," declares the mysterious graffiti artist, whose face nobody has ever seen.

Inspired by Gully's work, these three series of Graphiscope watches have distinctive dials and bracelets splashed and sprayed with paint. A striking watch with a "dripping" effect similar to the works of Sam Francis and Pollock. These extremely original variations of the Terrascope watch model have already become true "collector's items".



JeanRichard, Gully and Opera Gallery have conceived a Treasure Hunt which will take place in Paris on 20th September from 2 pm onwards. In a spirit of fun and adventure, participants will set off on the trail of an original painting by
Gully entitled "Philosophy of Art 1" (estimated value: €18,000) and of a JeanRichard black Terrascope watch (value: €2,600), the first and second prizes in this extraordinary contemporary treasure hunt.



Register on the following websites: www.gullyartist.com, www.JeanRichard.com or www.operagallery.com
Connect to the application http://www.gullyartist.com/tresors/

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