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Longines - The Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch 90th Anniversary

Longines The Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch 90th Anniversary

To commemorate the 90th anniversary of the first ever non-stop solo transatlantic flight, which was flown by Charles Lindbergh, Longines presents The Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch 90th Anniversary.

On May 20, 1927, in New York, the “Spirit of St. Louis” left Roosevelt Airport to Le Bourget airport near Paris. A young American pilot named Charles A. Lindbergh was at the controls. After a thirty-three and a half hours flight, Lindbergh landed at Le Bourget after completing the first ever non-stop solo transatlantic flight. As official timekeeper for the World Air Sports Federation, Longines contributed to the homologation of this prowess by timing Lindbergh’s flight and adding it to the list of aviation records.

Shortly thereafter, a collaboration between the aviator and the brand produced the Longines Hour Angle watch. This watch allows for accurate determination of the longitude during long-distance flights. As a result, pilots and navigators can find their geographic location quickly, efficiently and with great accuracy.

Longines commemorates the 90th anniversary of Charles Lindbergh’s amazing feat and of its timekeeping, by releasing a new edition of the legendary timepiece in a numbered series limited to 90 watches. Equally as impressive as the original timepiece, this model measures 47.5 mm, which makes it easier to read and manipulate in the dark and when subjected to the vibrations that were common to aircraft of the era. Equipped with a rotating bezel that allows for correction of the equation of time and a rotating central dial that allows for synchronization to the second, this timepiece indicates the hour angle in degrees and in minutes of arc in addition to indicating hours, minutes and seconds.

The Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch 90th Anniversary

The understated brushed silver dial displays the time on a “railtrack” minute circle with painted Roman numerals, and features a 180° scale for calculating the longitude. The synchronization of the second hand with a radio time signal is accomplished using the galvanic black rotating central dial, while the black PVD steel rotating bezel allows for daily variations in the time equation to be taken into account. The 90th Anniversary Lindbergh Hour Angle watch houses in its titanium case the L699 automatic caliber. The case is adorned with a large steel crown that is easy to wind or set, even with gloved fingers. The brown leather aviator-type strap equipped with an extension that allows the watch to be attached to an oversized pilot’s jacket puts the finishing touch on this timepiece.

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Based in St. Imier since 1832, Longines has a long tradition in watchmaking, characterised by the elegance of its watches. Using expertise gained as the company has evolved, Longines has gradually forged ties with the world of sport, where it demonstrates its excellence in precision timekeeping. Today, Longines is the oldest brand still in business, unchanged, in the international registers held by the World Intellectual Property Organization...

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