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Louis Moinet - Sideralis EVO

Louis Moinet Sideralis EVO

Louis Moinet unveils a new version of its interstellar double tourbillon, in rose gold this time around.

The Sideralis EVO model takes up the general concept of Sideralis while proposing a new 47.4 mm rose gold case which houses a skeletonised and openwork mechanics. This timepiece’s outsize tourbillon cages give a light sense to the watch, almost a sense of space. Louis Moinet’s aim here is to inspire awe among lovers of fine watches.

Three special features are the essence of Sideralis. First of all, the two tourbillon cages measuring 14.9 mm are 50% bigger than the average. This is the largest assembly of two tourbillons ever to have existed.

Sideralis EVO

The second special feature is that the tourbillons rotate in opposite directions, driving the Sideralis complication: two discs, one atop the other, which also rotate in opposite directions, orchestrating the ballet of the stars on the time dial, and revealing a succession of tiny hand-painted vignettes. The discs depict the planet Mars, the Moon, and Mercury, one after the other. “These three bodies have not been chosen at random,” says Jean-Marie Schaller, Louis Moinet CEO. “Each of the micro-paintings includes genuine dust from the heavenly body in question: a fragment of Mars, moon dust, and extremely rare fragments of the Rosetta Stone, whose scientific name is Sahara 99555. This stone has travelled across the universe to reach us: it’s the oldest known to mankind, believed by the scientific community to have come from Mercury and to be four and half billion years old.”

The third characteristic of Sideralis is that the balance wheels with styled crews are revealed thanks to the two raised cages and can be admired at all times.

The Sideralis EVO model comes in a limited edition of 12 pieces only.

Sideralis EVO

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Ateliers Louis Moinet was born out of the passion of one man, and this is clearly to be seen in each of its creations. The Maison takes the concept of exclusivity to its height, producing only limited editions.

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