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Montblanc - Smart but compact

Montblanc Smart but compact

Montblanc’s second-generation smartphone is an all-around improvement. The Summit 2, designed for travellers, makes the most of the latest developments in electronic components.

It’s fair to say that smartwatches are generally pretty big. And thick. It’s logical: if they’re going to have long-lasting batteries and screens big enough to be readable, they need space. But if there’s one area in which progress is part of its DNA, it’s electronics. The second-generation smartwatch from Montblanc is a direct beneficiary of this. It is targeted at a category of clients – travellers – who are particularly demanding about functionality. It has more power, greater autonomy, a wider choice of models, and it’s also significantly more compact.

Smart but compact

The Summit 2 in titanium with rubber strap and activity tracking app © Montblanc

The Summit 2 has a diameter of 42 mm, which is totally within current stylistic parameters. We’re a long way from the previous generation’s 46 mm. At 1.9 inches, the screen is necessarily smaller, but with a virtually identical resolution. The electronics are the latest generation, offering a fast and efficient chipset and a higher-capacity battery. Time between charges has increased to two days in smartwatch mode and seven days in time-only mode. But with all these improvements, the Summit 2 is merely following in the footsteps of the rest of the industry, where everyone has access to the same components. The difference lies in its onboard apps. Travelinfo collects all the information related to a particularly journey, including schedules and any delays, while Timeshifter helps to reduce the effects of jet lag by adjusting the traveller’s sleep patterns based on their circadian rhythms and itinerary. And that’s a lot more specific.

Smart but compact

The Summit 2 in black DLC steel with black leather strap and in steel with blue nylon strap featuring a 1858 Chronograph dial © Montblanc

The final way in which the Summit 2 marks a clear step up from the Summit is that it comes in an even wider range of references. The case is available in titanium, steel and black DLC steel, and there’s even a two-tone version. The design is inspired by the 1858 collection, and its two pushers on either side of the crown (which is a multi-function button) give it the look of a chronograph. Indeed, one of its many skins (functional screen backgrounds) replicates the dial of the 1858 Chronograph. But that’s just one of numerous options. The same applies to the straps. Milanese mesh, calfskin, nylon or rubber – there are many possibilities to suit the needs of every category of traveller.


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Synonymous with excellence in craftsmanship and design, Montblanc has been pushing the boundaries of innovation ever since the Maison first revolutionized the culture of writing in 1906.

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