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Baselworld 2014
Romain Gauthier - Baselworld 2014: Logical One Secret

Romain Gauthier Baselworld 2014: Logical One Secret

After demonstrating impressive skill in the field of horological complications, Romain Gauthier makes a noteworthy entrance into the realm of artistic crafts with the Logical One Secret – and is clearly equally at home in this new territory.

Although doubtless nobody expected to find him venturing into this field, the new palette of skills evidenced by Romain Gauthier is in fact a token of continuity. “We first became known for an extremely high level of finishing showcased in the first hour/minute calibre”, explains Romain Gauthier. *Then came evidence of our penchant for boldness and complexity with the Logical One. And we are now exploring the sensitive aesthetic world of artistic crafts with the Logical One Secret”. When viewed from that angle, the evolution indeed appears to be entirely and implacably… logical!

As with his previous creations, the watchmaker has set himself ambitious goals. “I wanted to create a model with literally no limits in terms of the artistic work involved”, says Romain Gauthier. “That’s way I developed this watch with a cover that in a certain way may be seen as celebrating the union of a pocket watch and a wristwatch.”

Romain Gauthier Logical One Secret

The Logical One Secret is a watch with a dual watch that is a true hybrid in more than one way and reveals its true nature on several different levels. First of all, it highlights the dexterity of talented artisans. The gem-setting artistry immediately catches the eye with the 181 baguette-cut diamonds totalling 7 carats and meticulously set in their appointed place by the talent of the artisans at the Atelier Bunter in Geneva. Romain Gauthier has certainly not done things by halves with his first venture of this kind: “It is important to get the right people on board such a project”, he says, “and that’s exactly what we will do with the other artistic crafts that we will subsequently feature on the Logical One Secret, such as engraving, painting and enamelling”. Secondly, displaying the hours, minutes and seconds in a subdial topped by the name Romain Gauthier is a reminder that this pure gem is above all an innovation-packed mechanical invention. Opening the precious cover reveals the mechanism first unveiled in 2013 and which revolutionised one of the oldest systems for the transmission of constant force to a movement, the chain-and-fusee mechanism. The traditional fusee is replaced here by a snail positioned on the same level as the barrel spring, thus enabling the use of a shorter chain with larger and sturdier links.


Romain Gauthier Logical One Secret


For Romain Gauthier, this new horological work is a “source of great personal satisfaction”, because, as he goes on to point out: “When you are passionate about something, you do whatever it takes; nothing is impossible and anything can be accomplished.” In the new 700 square-metre facility where the brand bearing his name has now taken up residence at Le Sentier in the Vallée de Joux, it is pursuing a sure but steady ascent within the Fine Watchmaking firmament. “With our new premises on the one hand and the Logical One Secret on the other, we are taking things to the next level while maintaining a certain degree of continuity. Our goal is to create authentic little star models for watch collectors, and to boldly go where no one expects us to venture.”

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Romain Gauthier is a firm that has been built with care and patience. Using his knowhow learned over some 20 years in his native Joux Valley, and with his manufacture named after him, Romain Gauthier embodies an innovative vision of watchmaking aesthetics based on movements that are as cutting-edge as they are meticulous.

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