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Zakaa - The quest for emotion... within reason!

Zakaa The quest for emotion... within reason!

It’s not easy to choose a ladies’ watch... particularly when you’re a man! Clearly, the aesthetics are very important, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Follow this guide, and you won’t go far wrong.

The first ladies’ watches appeared towards the end of the 19th century, when they were generally worn as a brooch. The Chaumet museum has some very fine examples. But a great deal of progress has been made since then. The range of watches has expanded enormously, to respond to the desires of a highly diverse clientele. 

So, which watch should you choose? There’s no one right answer. There are almost as many watches as there are women to wear them. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify a few pointers that will hopefully prevent any stylistic faux pas. Of course, given that everyone’s tastes are different, it’s impossible to generalise. But these guidelines can nevertheless serve as a useful rule of thumb. 

Avoid fixating on precision

One important point to watch is the level of complication. Men are often won over by extremely technical and highly precise watches, representing a level of horological mastery. This is the case with chronographs, which are responsive, precise and technical. But for a woman, a chronograph represents the passage of time. And that leaves an indelible, irreversible trace, something your other half might not wish to be reminded of! So, short-term complications and the frenzy of high precision are often best avoided. Long-term complications, on the other hand, can be highly desirable. 

Montre féminine : trouver l’émotion…et raison garder

Zenith Elite and Defy © Zenith

The best example is the Moon Phase. Zakaa has embraced this complication. The luxury retailer has a presence in many international hotels and travel hubs, but it also targets local clients who don’t need reminding about the urgency of their upcoming flight. The new Zenith Defy Midnight, and the latest Elite Moon Phase watches by the same manufacture, are an excellent choice. 

Standing out from the crowd

Another no-no is a bland, conventional, mainstream timepiece. There’s nothing more insulting to a unique woman than giving her a watch that is anything but unique! Today, women’s watches are sufficiently diverse to make it possible not just to find a watch, but to find the watch – something completely unique and unusual.

Montre féminine : trouver l’émotion…et raison garder

Skydance © Louis Moinet

Independent brands and limited series offer many options. For Zakaa, the answer is Louis Moinet. The independent workshop based near Neuchâtel only ever produces highly limited series and one-of-a-kind watches. One such is the Skydance, a highly original piece set with diamonds. The “dewdrop” hands are an unusual horological feature, and a Louis Moinet signature. The dial also features a unique granular finish that produces a rich variety of reflections. The watch is available in a selection of vibrant colours from midnight blue to bright red and tropical green. The aesthetic is bold and unapologetic – a meaningful choice for a woman who prefers to keep well off the beaten track.

Montre féminine : trouver l’émotion…et raison garder

Carrera © TAG Heuer

A constant companion

A watch that lets time follow its course; a watch that’s unusual or unique – these criteria still leave plenty of room for choice. The challenge will be to find a watch that meets these conditions, and which can be worn every day, for (almost) every occasion. Mission impossible? Not necessarily. 

Montre féminine : trouver l’émotion…et raison garder

Lady Diver © Ulysse Nardin

In order to accompany its owner in her daily life, a watch must be relatively robust. TAG Heuer offers the legendary Carrera, which comes in diameters of 28, 32 and 36 mm, with either a quartz or a self-winding movement. It’s also the favourite watch of supermodel Cara Delevingne. The Lady Diver by Ulysse Nardin comes in a 39 mm case. Both models are in steel, a smart choice for everyday wear, without sacrificing elegance (diamond-set case, mother-of-pearl dial). The same goes for the Bulgari Bulgari. These different but complementary watches (urban, diver or Italian luxury) are thoughtful choices that are sure to create a positive emotional response!

Montre féminine : trouver l’émotion…et raison garder

Bulgari Bulgari © Bulgari

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