Hublot presents a World Première: THE WATCH CAPSULE
Step inside and get ready for the Watch Experience of your life !

Face to face with the exceptional. A brand new experience. An identified object installed on the Hublot stand in Basel, Hall 1.0, A05. Free entry to customers and the public. Total immersion in a new dimension.

The Watch Capsule. © Hublot

Come face to face with the exceptional! Settle in a comfortable chair and be plunged into a sealed environment - an individual capsule - out of sight and away from the noise... Sensations, images, sounds - a brand new experience. 3D superimposed on reality. The Watch Capsule. It makes you think... An innovative system, a unique experience developed by Hublot working closely with its long-time partner and friend: Display case maker Xavier Dietlin.

No secrets revealed here. But all too often, 3D is presented in conditions that do not allow it to be fully appreciated. Not completely head-on, at the wrong distance, in passing, with noise, especially at a trade show… the Watch Capsule combines 3D technology with a real watch presented just a few centimetres in front of you and unobstructed. Viewers don special projection glasses and place their hands on armrests fitted with infra-red detectors. The event lasts just over a minute, that's all we'll say... You have to experience it.

Visit the Hublot stand at any time during the BASELWORLD trade show, from Wednesday 24th April (press only) to the 2nd May, the last day of the trade show.

© Hublot