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Serge Panczuk

Serge Panczuk Understanding, learning and sharing. Above and beyond my work, I love teaching – an activity that regularly brings me into contact with new ideas.

One of my grandfathers was a shoemaker, while the other worked in the textile industry. My father – who started his career down a mine in Alsace – loved pens because they symbolised education and apprenticeship. Today, I travel all over the world in my role as Vice President of Human Resources for a medical technology company. However, I have always loved artistic crafts and hand workmanship. This led me to watchmaking. A watch is not a normal object, because our relationship with time is highly intimate. Time is an ally, an enemy or a friend. A timepiece lives through its interaction with its “owner”. It thus takes on an almost human dimension that is fundamental and effectively links my passion with my work. Aside from watchmaking, I also have a passion for writing. This allows me to give concrete expression to topics that tend to remain theoretical, and to make ideas “last” through publishing them. Once again, it’s all a matter of time…

Understanding, learning and sharing. Above and beyond my work, I love teaching – an activity that regularly brings me into contact with new ideas. My horological approach is also based on these three pillars. I enjoy using a watch like a vehicle and building a story around the pieces I am talking about. It becomes a means of sharing, as well as of placing them within a concrete environment.

Upstream of my love of watches in themselves, I have huge respect for the watchmakers who build these pieces.

When asked “what is your favourite watch?”, I always answer “the next one”. I am not a monobrand individual; since I appreciate the diversity of creations. I like brands that dare and above all those than are capable of speaking to and captivating the soul rather than merely producing objects. Moreover, micro-brands that retain an artisan’s approach and enjoy venturing off the beaten track also appeal to me. I also have great respect for brands that try to bring the taste for beautiful pieces within reach of a broader audience. Because a watch’s value cannot be summed by its price tag.

If I were to have a dream, it would be to develop a watch for a chid that would not be a toy. A truly mechanical piece, like Daddy’s, as a means of sharing and passing on.

Once again, it’s all a matter of time…

It is truly difficult to write about watchmaking.

I enjoy books that show, that reveal and that inspire dreams. Recently, I acquired a real “monster” in this respect: Panerai, an Italian history. It actually isn’t a book, but instead a work of art published as a limited edition of 1,500 copies. And each piece is numbered, with the option of choosing your number. Mine is number 508 (I was born on August 5).

I like reference books and I recommend reading works by Mondani and Patrizzi. They are about the best out there for someone who likes “entering” a watch and understanding its history.

And I am soon going to take on Carlo Rovelli’s essay: “Et si le temps n’existait pas” (What if Time didn’t Exist?)

Once again, it’s all a matter of time…

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