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TAG Heuer

Video. Customer Service

— A customer service during the entire life of the watch.
OCTOBER 02, 2014
TAG Heuer Customer Service
TAG Heuer Customer Service

TAG Heuer

Video. Customer Service

— A customer service during the entire life of the watch.
OCTOBER 02, 2014
From left: Aurel Bacs, President of the Jury, Carlo Lamprecht, President of the GPHG foundation, Carine Maillard, Director of the GPHG foundation, Yashovardhan Saboo, Chairman of Ethos

Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève

The jury’s selection on display in New Delhi

— It was almost a dream come true when I heard that finally Indian watch buyers would get to see the fine watches selected for this year’s Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) in Delhi. Ethos, one of India’s largest luxury watch retailers, brought the extremely prestigious and coveted timepieces to India.
OCTOBER 02, 2014
Patek Philippe Henry Graves Jr. Supercomplication


Can there be a price tag for a Holy Grail?

— A look at the rationale behind the valuation and, ultimately, the price to pay for the Henry Graves Jr. Patek Philippe Supercomplication, which comes up for sale at Sotheby’s in Geneva on 11 November this year.
OCTOBER 02, 2014
At the half-way stage of our poll, Chaumet has the most popular models in two categories, according to readers of WorldTempus

Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix

The WorldTempus readers’ poll: mid-term results

— A whisker past the half-way stage in our reader’s poll of the watches selected for this year’s Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix, we take a look at the latest results.
OCTOBER 02, 2014
Pristine Seas


Pristine Seas campaign

— The brand has been a leader in the support of the Pristine Seas efforts and was the first organization to contribute to it.
OCTOBER 01, 2014
Formule %, TAG Heuer, de Grisogono, Luca Manfé, Carlo Cracco, Reuge, Richard Mille


What you might have missed last month

— Here is our monthly review of some of the news you might have missed on Worldtempus.
OCTOBER 01, 2014
Harrods Princess

Backes & Strauss

Pop-Up ‘in Full Bloom’ at Harrods London

— Backes & Strauss announces its new pop-up exhibition featuring the Harrods Princess pièce unique and a stunning floral clock in the Fine Watch Room of Harrods for the month of October 2014.
OCTOBER 01, 2014
Carlo Ancelotti new Cecil Purnell ambassador

Cecil Purnell

Carlo Ancelotti joins the CP team

— In an exciting development for the brand that produces exclusively high-end tourbillons, Carlo Ancelotti becomes its global brand ambassador.
OCTOBER 01, 2014
Cartier Video Shape your time


Video. Shape your time

— A poetic presentation of Cartier's timepieces. Follow the panther!
OCTOBER 01, 2014
Yana Kudryavtseva


Prize for Elegance in Izmir

— The brand was proud to award the prestigious Longines Prize for Elegance to Yana Kudryavtseva.
SEPTEMBER 30, 2014
Boutique Chanel au Printemps du Louvre


Lasting luxury in the heart of Parisian culture

— Last summer, Chanel opened a pop-up store entirely dedicated to Chanel watches at the Printemps du Louvre, a department store that opened last January in the shopping area of the Carrousel du Louvre, at the entrance of the famed Parisian museum.
SEPTEMBER 30, 2014
Royal Cup Marina Ibiza


Royal Cup Marina Ibiza

— The fourth and final stage of the Barclays 52 Super Series took place on the beautiful Spanish island from September 17th to 21st.
SEPTEMBER 30, 2014
  • Thumbnail Jaquet Droz writing instruments

    Jaquet Droz

    Writing instruments

    — The brand known by its twin stars, in collaboration with its artisan craftsmen, is offering a collection of matching writing instruments.
    SEPTEMBER 29, 2014
  • Thumbnail L'écurie E.Dams-Renaut, avec Alain Prost, Sébastien Buemi et Nicolas Prost

    Richard Mille

    Formula E

    — Richard Mille and the motorsport team E.Dams-Renault participate in the Formula E Championship for single-seater, electrically-powered racing cars.
    SEPTEMBER 28, 2014
  • Thumbnail Publicité DeWitt Alma


    New advertising campaign

    — For its new international advertising campaign, the DeWitt Manufacture takes as its subject the aristocratic origins of its founder, Jérôme de Witt.
    SEPTEMBER 28, 2014

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