Badollet is a blend of luxury, the perpetuation of watchmaking tradition, and human values. Just as during the Badollet dynasty, the new timepieces draw on watchmaking tradition and new technology to fully express the neo-classical spirit that is the hallmark of the Firm.

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  • About Badollet

    From 1655 right through until the mid-twentieth century, the Badollet family boasted an uninterrupted dynasty of watchmakers.

    Jean Badollet, born in 1635, was eager to learn – and passionate about watchmaking, devoting himself to it at the age of twenty. In 1689 he published a work entitled “The excellence of watchmaking”.

    Badollet passed his passion for watchmaking on to his sons. The family then entered the circle of “La Fabrique” – the watchmakers and jewellers of Geneva.

    In 1830, Jean-Jacques Badollet, a descendant of Jean Badollet, worked with Abraham-Louis Breguet, supplying him with original designs and “trade watches”.

    Jean-Moise Badollet, Jean-Jacques' son and a seasoned traveller, set up shop in London in 1837, manufacturing watches for export. He founded the company ‘J.-M. Badollet & Cie'.

    In 1854, he went into partnership with Gustave Huguenin, to whom he had entrusted the London firm, and returned to Geneva. There he headed up the family business, whilst also occupying important positions in the worlds of business and politics.

    The company he had created survived for many years after his death in 1862, thanks to the efforts of his widow and sons.

    ‘J.-M Badollet & Cie' operated from Rue du Stand in Genève, pursuing its business in the manufacture and sale of watchmaking and jewellery products. The Firm grew significantly and earned quite a reputation for the quality of its chronometers.

    When Jean-Jacques Badollet died in 1908, his brother Gustave took over the factory – but sadly, the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 put a brake on all business in the countries involved. When Gustave died in 1924, the Badollet watchmaking dynasty died with him.

    In 2006, a descendant of the Badollet family and private investors sought to bring the Badollet brand back to life; in 2008, they launched watches marking its revival. Since then, the company has been run by CEO Philippe Dubois.

    Ever since, the guiding principle of the Firm for its creations has been the concept of timekeeping devices that highlight functionality above all else. The first collection of wristwatches features two alternative aesthetic designs, one of them classic with a return to pocket watch codes (the Observatoire 1872 collection) and the other more contemporary (the Crystalball collection). Fine watchmaking movements with exemplary finishes are used to operate these new timepieces, with the constant desire to provide a clear, simple aesthetic appearance, served by a discrete movement that fully meets modern-day requirements.

    Similarly, in 2012 Badollet presented the Ivresse watch, which has the particularity of having been designed before its feasibility was studied, thus demonstrating the Firm's desire to offer timepieces that are functional and aesthetic rather than showy.

  • Badollet's philosophy

    Badollet is a blend of luxury, the perpetuation of watchmaking tradition, and human values. Just as during the Badollet dynasty, the new timepieces draw on watchmaking tradition and new technology to fully express the neo-classical spirit that is the hallmark of the Firm.

  • Badollet's 5 key dates

    1635: Jean Badollet born
    1837: J.-M. Badollet & Cie founded
    1908: Jean-Jacques Badollet dies, signalling an end to the Badollet dynasty
    2006: Badollet is reborn
    2012: the first watch in the Ivresse collection comes out

  • Badollet's collections

    Observatoire 1872 : With its yellow gold case reminiscent of period watches, the Observatoire 1872 Chronographe holds the manual wind BAD1602 caliber. This timepiece features Côtes de Geneve decorations, pearling, bevelling and finishes that can be seen through the transparent case and open-work dial.

    Crystalball : This timepiece features a grey gold case and black ceramic ring, and comes in two versions: Chronograph and white mother-of-pearl. Like all Badollet timekeeping devices, they can be customised and adjusted to the client's preferences.

    Bamboo : With a unique skeleton frame of bridges reminiscent of bamboo scaffolding, this square timepiece is shorn of any superfluity; only what is essential remains, making it the epitome of simplicity.

    Ivresse : Behind the apparent sobriety of Badollet's new manufacture watch, Ivresse, there lies a determined personality. Its rectangular case, fashioned out of platinum, gracefully stretches out on the wrist. The flying tourbillon movement, fully designed and developed by Badollet, is purposefully hidden away, visible only through the transparent case back. The sapphire opening is in the shape of the infinity symbol – a tribute to the time that drives the world.

  • Contact Badollet

    Badollet International
    Avenue d'Aïre 40
    1203 Genève
    T. +41 22 338 30 40

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