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Ball Watch

Since 1891, the Ball Watch Company has been making mechanical timepieces that meet the most stringent criteria in terms of accuracy, quality and reliability. Having led the way in chronometric standards – and on the strength of a past that is closely linked to the history of the American railways – Ball Watch is one of the best-established and most highly respected watchmaking brands in the United States.


  • Arts and culture

    Ball Watch Video. Explorer Guillaume Néry - Ultimate Ice Diving

    This film shows Guillaume Néry, Ball Watch Ambassador and World Champion Freediver, diving beneath the ice.

    11 December 2014

  • People and interviews

    Christmas gifts The CEO’s choice

    WorldTempus asked the CEOs of some of its partner brands for their suggestions for Christmas gifts. Suggesting a specific watch from one’s own brand is not always as easy as you think.

    20 November 2014