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Drawing its inspiration from Art Deco, the Maison enshrines refinement and discrete sophistication.

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  • About Bedat & Co

    Bedat & Co is above all the story of a family – that of Simone Bédat and her son Christian, who founded the Firm in 1997. From the outset, Bedat & Co has combined authenticity with contemporaneity – all based on the vision of a woman born in 1931 who began her apprenticeship in watchmaking at the age of 15, plus that of an entrepreneur embodying dearly-held values of differentiation, timelessness, refinement and sophistication.

    The guiding philosophy of Swiss excellence permeating Bedat & Co has been quite deliberate ever since its beginnings. Its logo depicts a figure eight, originally formed by the two Bs of Bedat & Bedat. It also symbolises an hourglass – depicting the passage of time – and is the sign of infinity.

    In the Firm's history, this “8” was originally that of its master seal. Each component of the watches bears the seal of its Swiss origin. This is also attested to by the A.O.S.C.® Certificate of Swiss Origin, denoting the highly stringent manufacturing standards established by Bedat & Co; nine essential criteria for each of the Firm's timepieces.

    The history of Bedat & Co is closely linked to that of Swiss watchmaking. Simone and her son had both crossed paths with the most prestigious brands, and very soon realised something fundamental: in the world of watchmaking, the names of the watches are often not very consistent either with the timepiece itself or with the brand. That's the reason why Bedat & Co's collections have numbers. This form of naming, unique in watchmaking, makes their families of watches consistent. These universal numbers have highly symbolic power, although there is no chronology involved: the No. 1 was not the first Bedat & Co collection, being created long after No. 3 and No. 7.

  • Bedat & Co's philosophy

    Drawing its inspiration from Art Deco, the Maison enshrines refinement and discrete sophistication.

    It focuses on a concept of watchmaking inspired by this tradition but fully modern nonetheless.

    Its design ethos brings into being the purest of lines through the beauty of diamonds, the luxury of a hand-stitched alligator strap, or the comfort of a delicately curved case to fit men's and women's wrists.

  • Bedat & Co's 5 key dates

    1996: Simone Bédat and her son Christian found Bedat & Co
    1997: presentation of the first collections, No. 3 and No. 7, at Baselworld
    1998: Bedat & Co is launched on the Swiss and American markets
    2009: first Bedat & Co store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    2010: launch of the Haute Joaillerie Extravaganza collection

  • Bedat & Co's collections

    No. 1: square and slightly curved at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock, the No. 1 collection is a contemporary interpretation of feminine elegance. It is also distinctive due to its crown, fitted into the frame.

    No. 2: the No. 2 collection comprises oval-shaped models. At once timeless and contemporary, these discrete pearly timepieces hark back to the Art Deco period.

    No. 3: Featuring the firm's first creations from 1997, the No. 3 collection comprises tonneau-shaped models. Featuring 14 different alternatives, the collection is characterised by the watches' marked indentations at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock, the discretely jewelled dial and the unspoilt lines of the case.

    No. 7: with a rectangular shape made from steel or gold and displaying the time in the simplest manner, the No. 7 collection is the very essence of timelessness.

    No. 8: just like the figure it is named after, the No. 8 is round, with most models recognisable by the pocket watch clasp on their straps. Like the No. 1, it also sports the distinctive feature of having the crown embedded in the frame.

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    Bédat & Co SA
    Rue Agasse 45
    Case postale 126
    CH-1208 Genève
    T. +41 22 718 01 88

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