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For Bell & Ross, each detail has a specific meaning and function: functionality is key, and minimalism – dispensing with superfluous ornamental details in favour of essential aspects – is vital.

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  • About Bell & Ross

    The history of Bell & Ross began in 1992, when the French watchmaking firm joined forces with a German company, Sinn, specialising in the manufacture of aircraft navigation instruments.

    This was not merely a project – Bell & Ross was committing itself to an entire mission: inventing, designing and producing exclusive, no-nonsense timepieces for professionals of the extreme.

    By combining the expertise of Sinn with Swiss watchmaking tradition, Bell & Ross has succeeded in producing iconic time-keeping devices whose performance is unbeatable.

    The reputation of Bell & Ross is based on four fundamental principles: readability, watertightness, functionality – and the accuracy of its timepieces. The latter bear witness to unique watchmaking knowhow that fulfils all the requirements of even the most stringent military specifications.

    Scaling the heights right from its beginnings in 1997 – thanks to its own production facility – Bell & Ross upholds the art and fine traditions of Swiss watchmaking in its Chaux de Fonds workshops. Bell & Ross watches are inspected at every stage of their production and bear the inscription “Swiss Made” – the epitome of excellence all over the world.

    Bell & Ross is an icon that has been adopted by many elite bodies. Today the firm is the official supplier for many space missions, armed forces and special units, including the Spacelab mission (1994), the minesweeping division of France's civil security agency (1997), French RAID and GIGN special units (2005 and 2011 respectively) and the French Air Force (2008).

  • Bell & Ross' philosophy

    For Bell & Ross, each detail has a specific meaning and function: functionality is key, and minimalism – dispensing with superfluous ornamental details in favour of essential aspects – is vital. Inspired by this spirit, these timepieces have won their place in today's world, paying scant heed to passing fads in watchmaking. Bell & Ross watches are uncompromisingly technical and robust.

    Bell & Ross has drawn its inspiration from the innovative, high-performance history of aeronautics –and the military specifications that are inherent in the industry. This guiding spirit has fuelled the development of Bell & Ross collections right from its first watchmaking designs.

  • Bell & Ross' 5 key dates

    1992: the Bell & Ross project is born
    1994: presentation of the first collection
    1997: Bell & Ross moves into its own production facility in Switzerland
    2005: creation of the AVIATION BR01 collection. Birth of a watchmaking icon
    2011: first Bell & Ross store opens

  • Bell & Ross' collections

    Aviation : This collection echoes aircraft instruments – more precisely, the control panel. There are three models: the BR 01 46mm; BR 03 42mm and BR S 39mm.

    Vintage : This collection evokes key eras in the history of aviation and the accompanying the changes in pilots' watches.
    It comprises three models: the PW1 makes reference to 1910s pocket watches; the WW1 and WW2 pay tribute to the wristwatches of pilots in the 1920s and 1940s; the Vintage BR, with automatic and chronograph versions, recalls the watches worn by pilots in the 1940s and 50s.

    Marine : This collection of professional diving watches, fitted with decompression valves, comes in automatic and chronograph versions.

  • Contact Bell & Ross

    Bell & Ross
    8, rue Copernic
    F-75116 PARIS
    T. + 33 1 73 73 93 00

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Featured Bell & Ross Watches

  • Bell & Ross - BR-X1 Tourbillon Chronograph

    Bell & Ross


    BR-X1 Tourbillon Chronograph

  • Bell & Ross - BR-X1 Skeleton Chrononograph

    Bell & Ross


    BR-X1 Skeleton Chrononograph

  • Bell & Ross - BR 03 Rafale

    Bell & Ross


    BR 03 Rafale

  • Bell & Ross - BR S Camouflage

    Bell & Ross


    BR S Camouflage

  • Bell & Ross - BR 126 GT

    Bell & Ross


    BR 126 GT

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Bell & Ross

A constellation for women

— Bell & Ross reaches for the sky with its new ladies’ timepiece, the BR S Diamond Eagle – a paean to the constellation of Aquila, the eagle.
MAY 26, 2016
Bell & Ross Diamond Eagle
tendances montres 2016
Watch trends 2016

The grunge look is in!

— Twenty years ago, distressed jeans and the grunge look were in vogue. Today scuffed cases, scratched dials and worn straps are overturning preconceptions about the perfect finish in watchmaking.
APRIL 19, 2016
Bell & Ross Renault BR-X1-RS16
Bell & Ross

BR-X1 RS16

— Bell & Ross presents its exclusive BR-X1 RS16 models to celebrate the partnership with Renault Sport Formula One Team.
APRIL 18, 2016
Bell & Ross Carlos A.Rosillo
Bell & Ross

Interview with Carlos Rosillo

— At Baselworld we spoke to Carlos Rosillo – one half of the creative duo behind French watch brand Bell & Ross.
APRIL 15, 2016
Bell & Ross Malaysia
Bell & Ross

The brand handles business directly in Asia and Middle-East

— Bell & Ross continues its international development strategy by making its own way in the Asian and Middle East markets.
APRIL 12, 2016

Interviews, watches from tennis and Baselworld extremes

— Our first-person analysis of the trends at Baselworld continues with more interviews, while our in-house team also profiles the world’s tennis stars and their watches.
APRIL 11, 2016
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Watch trends 2016

Watchmaking in all its forms

— Tonneau (barrel) shapes, softened squares, cushions, rectangles, elongated or regular octagons: Baselworld 2016 was all about ‘form’ watches, a term encompassing all models that are not round. We take a thorough look at them from every angle.
APRIL 08, 2016
Bell & Ross Baselworld 2016
Bell & Ross

Video. Behind the scenes at Baselworld 2016

— For those who didn't have the chance to visit the brand at Baselworld this year, Bell & Ross offers a look behind the scenes and an overview of its new watches for 2016.
APRIL 05, 2016
Bell & Ross Carlos Rosillo
Bell & Ross

Carlos-A. Rosillo new President of North American subsidiary

— Carlos-A. Rosillo replaces Ms. Stacie Orloff as President of Bell & Ross, Inc., North America.
APRIL 03, 2016
bronze watches

A multi-faceted metal

— Warm, distinctive and prone to acquiring a pleasing patina, bronze is an outsider in the world of watch materials, although it also has a few drawbacks. We turn the UV spotlight on this tanned and toned metal.
MARCH 27, 2016
Bell & Ross BR-X1 Tourbillon Sapphire
Bell & Ross

Video. Baselworld 2016 BR-X1 Tourbillon Sapphire

— Jean Paul Suchel, Bell & Ross Technical and Production Director, presents the BR-X1 Tourbillon Sapphire.
MARCH 25, 2016
Bell & Ross - BR 03-94 AeroGT
Bell & Ross

BR 03-94 AeroGT

— Inspired from its new AeroGT concept car, Bell & Ross launches two limited editions BR 03-94 AeroGT watches.
MARCH 21, 2016
Bell & Ross video AeroGT

Video. The AeroGT

— Bell & Ross reveals its brand new concept car.
MARCH 19, 2016
  • Bell & Ross BR-Desert Type
    Bell & Ross

    BR-Desert Type

    — The BR 03 Desert Type was designed to meet the specifications of air forces operating in warm countries.
    FEBRUARY 04, 2016
  • Bell & Ross

    BR-X1 video

    — A video presenting the ultimate utility watch
    DECEMBER 19, 2015
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    The Jedi’s watch

    — With a title such as "The Force Awakens", it’s hard not to imagine what watches Han Solo and his friends (and enemies) might wear.
    DECEMBER 18, 2015
  • skull

    Head-turning, headstrong skull watches

    — Macabre symbol turned fashion item, the skull is everywhere this year on bags and clothes, including in the luxury sector. Watchmaking is no exception.
    DECEMBER 11, 2015
  • Bell & Ross

    Vintage BR GT

    — These two new Bell & Ross’ timepieces are paying tribute to the style of the racing drivers of the 1970s.
    OCTOBER 13, 2015
  • Bell & Ross
    Bell & Ross

    BR-X1 Chronograph Tourbillon

    — This luxuous timepiece combines haute horlogerie with professional instrumentation.
    SEPTEMBER 24, 2015