Blancpain is the archetypal Manufacture: with a watchmaking heritage dating back several centuries, it has successfully preserved its watchmaking tradition, whilst welcoming a spirit of innovation.

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    Blancpain is above all the work of a visionary. In 1735 Jehan-Jacques Blancpain noted the potential of a brand new sector of business – watchmaking. He lived in Villeret and set up shop there as a professional watchmaker, recording himself as such in the municipal registers.

    In 1815, his great-grandson, Frédéric-Louis Blancpain, was a pioneer in production methods, being one of the first to engage in series manufacturing. In 1865, when industrialisation was bringing constant pressure to bear on the price of components, Jules-Emile, Frédéric-Louis Blancpain's grandson, had the idea of specialising in high-end watches in order to weather out this trend. From a technical point of view, Frédéric-Louis and his son Frédéric-Emile were also the authors of major inventions, in particular the modernisation of the form of the escapement, with a cylinder or anchor escapement replacing the column wheel.

    In 1926, the brand designed its own automatic movements for men's wristwatches, followed four years later by the Rolls, for women. When the last in male in the Blancpain line died, Betty Fiechter, the faithful co-worker of Frédéric-Emile Blancpain, took over the management. The Manufacture was renamed “Rayville”, a phonetic anagram of Villeret, enabling it to pursue its business legally after the end of the Blancpain dynasty.

    In 1953, Blancpain presented the Fifty Fathoms, the first modern divers' watch – produced at the request of the French Army's Combat Swimmers. In 1961, to meet the increasing demand for its timepieces, Rayville-Blancpain became a part of the Société Suisse pour l'Industrie Horlogère. In the early 1980s, the company sold the name Rayville-Blancpain to Jacques Piguet, son of Frédéric Piguet and director of the company of the same name, and Jean-Claude Biver.

    In 1992, Blancpain became a part of the Swatch Group. Ten years later, Marc A. Hayek became the Firm's chairman and CEO, giving a new lease of life to the Manufacture – which embarked on a quest for excellence, without ever abandoning its invaluable heritage. To do so, the Firm joined the Frédéric Piguet manufacture in 2010. As a result of this transaction, it is now in a position to control every stage in the production of its timepieces. In keeping with this dynamic, over the last seven years, Blancpain has developed no fewer than 26 new calibers.

    Blancpain is now very much at home in the twenty-first century, rising to the challenge with contemporary timepieces that are built on nearly three centuries' worth of watchmaking inventions. The Manufacture is very active in motor sport timekeeping – a field which is amongst the most demanding in existence. It has entered a partnership with Lamborghini, becoming the lead sponsor of the “Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo” since 2009. Blancpain is also the official time-keeper for the world FIA GT1 championship from 2010 to 2012. The following year, Blancpain was involved in the creation of the “Blancpain Endurance Series”, as well as becoming the official partner of the “ADAC GT Masters” championship.

  • Blancpain's philosophy

    Blancpain is the archetypal Manufacture: with a watchmaking heritage dating back several centuries, it has successfully preserved its watchmaking tradition, whilst welcoming a spirit of innovation. Each successive era has been characterised by a particular invention which has remained a reference decades later.

    With command of every stage in the production of its timepieces, Blancpain can afford to take the roads less travelled. Whilst many Firms of its stature rest on their laurels, Blancpain's taste for adventure and provocation can be seen in many of its creations.

  • Blancpain's 5 key dates

    1735: Blancpain founded
    1930: Blancpain creates the first women's automatic watch
    1953: launch of the Fifty Fathoms
    1992: the manufacture becomes a part of the Swatch Group
    2002: Marc A. Hayek becomes Chairman & CEO

  • Blancpain's collections

    The Brassus : This collection reflects the brand's watchmaking art, bringing together grand complications such as the carousel. With its characteristic no-fuss, sober style, the collection highlights the beauty of refined, complex movements.

    Villeret : Villeret is the most classic of the Blancpain collections. Rooted in tradition, these models personify the Maison's origins and embody its original aesthetic choices. The purity of its lines evokes the authentic values of watchmaking.

    Léman : This sports-type collection combines elegance with dynamism.

    Fifty Fathoms : The Fifty Fathoms, the first divers' watch to be able to withstand a depth of fifty fathoms, is a practical outworking of Blancpain's passion for the sea. It is tough and contemporary, and incorporates the key distinctive features that made its ancestor famous.

    L-evolution : This men's collection brings together technology and an athletic shape in a design that is both distinctive and elegant – as well as being faithful to the art of watchmaking.

    Women :This collection has an unashamedly feminine spirit: celebrating beauty, refinement and elegance, as well as being equipped solely with hand-finished and decorated mechanical movements.

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    Blancpain S.A.
    Le Rocher 12
    CH-1348 Le Brassus
    T. +41 21 796 36 36

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Featured Blancpain Watches

  • Thumbnail Blancpain - Le Brassus- Tourbillon Carousel - 2322-3631-55B


    Le Brassus

    Tourbillon Carrousel

  • Thumbnail Blancpain Villeret Squelette 8 jours 6633-1500-55B - face view



    Squelette 8-Day

  • Thumbnail Blancpain-Fifty Fathoms-Bathyscaphe-5000-1110-B52 A


    Fifty Fathoms


  • Thumbnail Blancpain L'Evolution Chrono Flyback Rattrapante 8886F-1503-52B face view



    Chrono Flyback Rattrapante

  • Thumbnail Blancpain Womem Retrograde Calendar 3653-2954-58B - face view



    Retrograde Calendar

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MARCH 31, 2015
Gravure © Vacheron Constatin
Blancpain Jour Nuit collection Women

Day Night

— This innovative timepiece distinguishes itself with two retrograde indications and with the fine craftsmanship of its disk.
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Bathyscaphe Chronographe Flyback Ocean Commitment, Blancpain

Bathyscaphe Chronographe Flyback Ocean Commitment

— The new limited edition Ocean Commitment Bathyscaphe Chronographe Flyback is the first in a series of limited edition diving watches which will be part of the Blancpain Ocean Commitment project.
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The Ocean Innovation Challenge

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FEBRUARY 16, 2015
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A rose for Valentine's Day 2015

— This year, Blancpain is once again celebrating the lovers' day through a limited-edition women’s watch.
FEBRUARY 05, 2015
Villeret Grande Date Réf: 6669-3642-55B © Blancpain

Villeret Grande Date

— A Grand Date Complication enters the Villeret Collection.
JANUARY 18, 2015
Blancpain video Innovation is our tradition

Video. Innovation is our tradition

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