Breguet’s archives, kept in Switzerland and in Paris, record the developments that have sustained Breguet watchmaking for more than two centuries. The firm is committed to remaining ahead of its time with a flow of inventions and improvements. 

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     As a brand that represents a great historical and cultural heritage as well as avant-garde technology, Breguet has always had a fascinating ability to innovate. It owes its place in European cultural history to its prodigiously inventive founder, Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747-1823), and its position as a benchmark of Fine Watchmaking to its astonishingly skillful master watchmakers of today. 

    At a time when everybody ­- companies as much as individuals - seems keen to explore their roots, Breguet’s countless treasures illustrate the most beautiful history that any watchmaking brand could wish to have. 

    Born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, in 1747, Abraham-Louis Breguet spent much of his life in Paris where many of his important creations were produced. He worked simultaneously in all the areas of watchmaking, beginning his career with a series of masterly inventions: the automatic watch, referred to as “a perpetual”, the gong spring for repeater watches, and the first shock-absorber device, the “pare-chute”. 

    Breguet was admired in all the royal courts of Europe and became the principal watchmaker of the elite in the worlds of diplomacy, science, finance and the military. Breguet watches contained original movements, with lever or cylinder escapements, that were constantly improved.

    At his death in 1823, he was eulogised as a man whose genius had revolutionised every aspect of timekeeping. But that is not the end of the story...

    In 1999, the late Nicolas G. Hayek took control of Breguet, a jewel of fine watchmaking. His genuine passion breathed new life into the brand whose exceptional heritage and expertise was recognised by all the great names in the industry. He had the vision to restore Breguet to greatness by reviving its cultural and emotional dimensions.  

    Nicolas G. Hayek placed great emphasis on research and notably initiated work on new materials with the application of silicon in watchmaking. Under his leadership, Breguet developed and filed a remarkable number of new patents and it continues to do so under its new President, Marc A. Hayek. 

    The Manufacture also achieved the feat of developing a new movement every year, several of which were truly revolutionary. Its ability to innovate has firmly established Breguet as a benchmark in contemporary Fine Watchmaking, in addition to the unique position it already held as part of Europe’s cultural heritage.

  • Breguet's philosophy

     Breguet’s archives, kept in Switzerland and in Paris, record the developments that have sustained Breguet watchmaking for more than two centuries. The firm is committed to remaining ahead of its time with a flow of inventions and improvements.

    Today Breguet watches are made in the Vallée de Joux, the centre of advanced mechanical horology. The Breguet workshops bring together extraordinary resources to handle the essential aspects of watchmaking.

    Equipped with watchmaking tools that A.- L. Breguet could scarcely imagine, his successors in the Breguet workshops combine avant-garde processes with closely guarded traditional techniques. The constant modernization of their equipment reveals the motivation of the craftsmen who build the Breguet watch : pride in their work. Driven by the same enthusiasm that A.-L. Breguet brought to his art, craftsmen work daily to perfect the timepieces that earn Breguet its position as the architect of fine horology.

  • Breguet's 5 key dates

    1775: Abraham-Louis Breguet sets up his own business on Quai de l'Horloge, Ile de la Cité, in Paris
    1801: Patent of the "tourbillon regulator" invention (26 June) 
    1810: Development of the first wristwatch, ordered by the Queen of Naples, completed in 1812
    1999: Acquisition of the “Groupe Horloger Breguet” by the Swatch Group with the vision to continue creating beautiful treasures through the fusion of art, beauty and technology
    2010: Like every year since the integration of Breguet into the Swatch Group, the brand filed more than 10 patents, including one for the invention of the magnetic pivot, a shock-protection device using magnetic fields to ensure the stability and performance of the balance.

  • Breguet's collections

    Tradition: An invitation to journey through time and beyond time. The collection pays a vibrant tribute to the memory of Breguet.

    Classique: True to the technical principles, the artistry and the traditional values of the Breguet watch, the "Classique" wristwatches exemplify the  watchmaking ideals of precision, clarity and elegant lines.

    Classique Grandes Complications: the peak of Breguet's art, Grandes Complications bear witness to the bonds Breguet has always forged with science.

    Marine: Marine watches are based on the traditional Breguet values, while interpreting them in a contemporary way in order to create sporty timepieces.

    Heritage: The Héritage models show that even in a curved tonneau case, a Breguet remains unmistakably a Breguet. Adapting late 18th century styling concepts to the shapes of the 21st century demands a great deal from design engineers, casemakers and dialmakers.

    Type XX: Designed in the 1950s for the French naval air arm, the Type XX returns to the Breguet collection in a civilian version fitted with a self-winding movement. Its uncompromising looks and strong construction have made the Type XX popular among those seeking an original and technical sports watch. Its Type XXI design features a flyback minute totalizer and the Type XXII is equipped with the first and only series-made mechanical chronograph with a frequency raised to 10 Hz. 

    Reine de Naples : The models in the Reine de Naples line are anthems of praise to femininity. Inspired by the first wristwatch made for the Queen of Naples they are legendary creations: resolutely modern, refined and suffused with an exquisitely poetic touch.

    Haute Joaillerie : In these watches set with precious stones, Breguet demonstrates its ability to combine the arts of watchmaking and jewellery. Aesthetic excellence and superlative technical construction have thus earned watches by Breguet a fabled role in the life of history’s most illustrious women.

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    CH 1344 L'Abbaye
    T. +41 21 841 90 90

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Featured Breguet Watches

  • Thumbnail Breguet Type XX II 3880/Z2/9VX - watch face view


    Type XX II 3880

  • Thumbnail Breguet Classique Tourbillon Extra-Plat Automatique watch-face-view



    Tourbillon Extra-Thin Automatic 5377

  • Thumbnail Breguet Tradition 7067 GMT 7067BB/G1/9W1 - watch face view



    7067 GMT

  • Thumbnail Breguet Classique Chronométrie 7727BB/12/9WU - watch face view


    Classique Chronométrie

  • Thumbnail Breguet Reine de Naples 8999BB/11/874 D00D - watch face view


    Reine de Naples

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"La Tradition Breguet, at the heart of an icon"

— This Wednesday January 21s, in Geneva, Breguet invites VIP clients and journalists to the exclusive launch of its new exhibition.
JANUARY 21, 2015
Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine Ultra-Thin Calibre 1731
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