Carl F. Bucherer

Watches of technical perfection and beauty, through tradition and the force of innovation. Carl F. Bucherer is an independent Swiss watchmaker with expertise in the production of precious contemporary watches in the premium market.

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  • About Carl F. Bucherer

    Since its formation 125 years ago, the company formed by this visionary figure has remained in the sole ownership of the Bucherer family. This continuity means that today Carl F. Bucherer is one of the oldest major Swiss watchmaking companies to be held in the ownership of the founder’s family in unbroken succession.

    In 1919, returning to Lucerne from revolution-torn Germany, the sons encouraged their father to launch his own ladies’ watch collection in the Art Deco style. The perfect interplay of aesthetic appeal, technical watchmaking skills and outstanding workmanship formed the basis of the creative “mythos” that was to spring from the House of Bucherer.

    To this day, the philosophy of the founder, Carl Friedrich Bucherer remains. Carl F. Bucherer concentrates on meaningful complications and ingeniously simple operability.

  • Carl F. Bucherer's philosophy

    Entrepreneurs are people who have an idea and who dare to do something new. They follow their vision and their own path. Carl Friedrich Bucherer expertly blended tradition with innovation by blending the jeweler’s filigree craft with the watchmaker’s precision. Right up to the present day, the founder’s philosophy has been reflected in the Carl F. Bucherer brand and its timepieces. As the only watch brand to have its origins in Lucerne, Carl F. Bucherer has been able to develop in its own unique way.

  • Carl F. Bucherer's 4 key dates

    1888: Carl Friedrich Bucherer sets up his first specialist shop selling watches and jewelry on Falkenplatz in Lucerne.

    1919: Carl Friedrich Bucherer launches his first ladies’ watch collection in the Art Deco style. He is one of the first to adopt the strap – at that time still a revolutionary concept.

    1948: At an early stage the brand focuses on sporty chronographs and the practical display of the big date, with two discs turning independently of each other showing the current date in generously proportioned apertures on the dial.

    2008: Carl F. Bucherer presents the CFB A1000 manufacture movement, demonstrating the brand’s innovative strength.

  • Carl F. Bucherer's collections

    Patravi: “I have achieved.” The Patravi stands for the comprehensive watchmaking know-how of Carl F. Bucherer, for technological innovation, attractive and useful additional functions, and striking design characteristics.

    Manero: “That which is led by the hand-“. With the Manero, Carl F. Bucherer presents a range of modern classics whose beauty and elegance are skillfully combined with mechanical precision and practical functionality.

    Adamavi: “Falling in love.” With its discreet elegance and mechanical reliability, the Adamavi collection from Carl F. Bucherer represents a timeless, tried and tested classic range.

    Alacria: “Enthusiasm and zest for life.” With its uniquely contoured and tapered case, the Alacria ladies’ range offers the ideal basis for the creation of prestigious jewelry watches, demonstrating the high level of jewelry skills to be found at Carl F. Bucherer.

  • Contact Carl F. Bucherer

    Carl F. Bucherer
    A Brand of Bucherer Montres S.A.
    Langensandstrasse 27
    CH-6002 Lucerne
    T. +41 41 369 70 70

    Official website

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    Carl F. Bucherer



  • Thumbnail Carl F. Bucherer Patravi TravelTech FourX 00.10620.22.93.01 - face view

    Carl F. Bucherer


    TravelTec FourX

  • Thumbnail Carl F. Bucherer Patravi ScubaTec 00.10632.23.33.01 - face view

    Carl F. Bucherer



  • Thumbnail Carl F. Bucherer - Alacria TwoTone

    Carl F. Bucherer



  • Thumbnail Carl F. Bucherer Alacria RoyalRose 00.10702.02.90.18 darl strap - face view

    Carl F. Bucherer



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Carl F. Bucherer

Manero Tourbillon Limited Edition 2015

— Carl F. Bucherer launches its own tourbillon with an exclusive limited edition of 188 pieces – the Manero Tourbillon limited edition 2015.
APRIL 17, 2015
Carl F. Bucherer, Manero Tourbillon Édition limitée 2015
Carl F. Bucherer, Pathos or rose
Carl F. Bucherer

Pathos Diva rose gold

— The brand launches a new model in the Pathos collection: Pure rose gold lends a warm elegance to a delicate ladies' watch.
MARCH 30, 2015
Manero Tourbillon Lucerne 1888  Carl F.Bucherer
Carl F. Bucherer

Video. Manero Tourbillon Lucerne 1888

— The new Manero Tourbillon, heir of Carl F. Bucherer's watchmaking heritage.
MARCH 25, 2015
Sandro Viletta, Mujinga Kambundji, Carl F. Bucherer
Carl F. Bucherer

"Friends of the Brand"

— Switzerland's fastest sprinter Mujinga and successful Swiss ski racer Sandro Viletta are Carl F. Bucherer’s new brand ambassadors.
MARCH 24, 2015
Carl F. Bucherer Pathos or rouge
Carl F. Bucherer

The brand harvests its 2014 vintage

— Carl F. Bucherer is enjoying a well-deserved creative break: after a year 2014 packed with new releases, the brand is taking the time required to nurture the growth of these “seedlings”, as its new models progressively reveal their potential.
MARCH 20, 2015
Carl F. Bucherer, Manero ChronoPerpetual OnlyWatch 2015
Carl F. Bucherer

Manero ChronoPerpetual OnlyWatch 2015

— Carl F. Bucherer has created a unique timepiece for "Only Watch 2015": the Manero ChronoPerpetual in white gold.
MARCH 18, 2015
Carl F. Bucherer in the Rinspeed Budii
Carl F. Bucherer

A place for your watch in the car of the future

— The Budii concept car presented by Rinspeed at this year’s Geneva motor show is crammed with innovations, one of which is the world’s most intelligent watch winder.
MARCH 10, 2015
Carl F. Bucherer, Concept-car « Budii »
Carl F. Bucherer

"Budii" concept car

— Carl F. Bucherer supports the new Budii project by Rinspeed.
MARCH 04, 2015
Salon de l'Auto de Genève 2015, détail de l'affiche.
Geneva Motor Show

Watch brands are there too

— Several watch brands are at the Geneva Motor Show, alongside their partners McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche.
MARCH 03, 2015
Patravi ScubaTec, or rose
Carl F. Bucherer

Patravi ScubaTec, rose gold

— The Patravi ScubaTec is now available in gleaming rose gold.
JANUARY 27, 2015
Carl F. Bucherer Pathos
Carl F. Bucherer

Pathos, the anatomy of an horological concept for women

— Carl F. Bucherer recently presented the Pathos, its second watch collection for ladies. Behind this seemingly wise collection there is in a reality a canny casing concept that is geared towards the long term.
DECEMBER 23, 2014
Carl F.Bucherer Pathos Diva Haute Horogerie
Carl F. Bucherer

Pathos Diva Haute Joaillerie

— With the Pathos Diva Haute Joaillerie, Carl F. Bucherer presents a timepiece that radiates a singular splendor of its own.
DECEMBER 14, 2014
Bulgari launch evening

Luxury redefined

— Mumbai and New Delhi played host to some major events organised by watch brands in November. Our correspondent Anita Khatri reviews a busy month on the Indian watch scene.
DECEMBER 10, 2014
  • Thumbnail Salle de cinéma © DR
    Product placement

    Watches in the movies

    — Our correspondent takes a look at watch placements in movies from the point of view of a former movie writer and producer.
    DECEMBER 10, 2014
  • Thumbnail Carl F. Bucherer Manero ChronoPerpetual ref.00_10906_03_13_99
    Carl F. Bucherer

    Manero ChronoPerpetual

    — This limited edition watch not only features a perpetual calendar, but also a chronograph with flyback function and a tachymetric scale.
    NOVEMBER 29, 2014
  • Thumbnail Alacria RoyalRose © Carl F. Bucherer
    Carl F. Bucherer

    Alacria RoyalRose

    — Inspired by the rose, the Alacria RoyalRose is a limited-edition model featuring a stunning, elaborately studded strap.
    NOVEMBER 03, 2014
  • Thumbnail A. Lange & Söhne, Montblanc, Van Cleef & Arpels, Carl F. Bucherer
    Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix


    — The “Calendar” category of the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix 2014 comprises 12 timepieces. We have selected three perpetual calendars – by A. Lange & Söhne...
    AUGUST 28, 2014
  • Thumbnail Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix 2014 men's watch category
    Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix

    Spoilt for choice in the men’s category

    — There’s just a hint of understatement in the men’s category at the 2014 Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix, with brands restricted in the adornments allowed – both...
    AUGUST 18, 2014
  • Thumbnail Extreme diver's watches
    Diver’s watches

    Deeper and deeper

    — After last week’s selection of the latest diver’s watches that are water resistant to 300 metres, things get serious this week as we present some highly over...
    JULY 30, 2014
  • Thumbnail Patravi Scubatec 00.10632.24.53 © Carl F. Bucherer
    Carl F. Bucherer

    Patravi ScubaTec, steel and rose gold

    — Following the all-steel version of the Patravi ScubaTec, here is today the version in steel and rose gold.
    JUNE 08, 2014
  • Thumbnail Carl F. Bucherer Manero Power Reserve
    Carl F. Bucherer

    Exclusive laser signature

    — To enhance its protection against counterfeiting, Carl F. Bucherer is implementing the innovative CLR-LIGA technology, which uses nanostructuring of individual...
    MAY 28, 2014
  • Thumbnail Manero Power Reserve  © Carl F. Bucherer
    Carl F. Bucherer

    Manero Power Reserve

    — In the new Manero PowerReserve, the functionality and design of the power reserve indication createg a striking and unique watch face.
    MAY 22, 2014