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Czapek & Cie. harks back to the origins of one of the watch industry’s most prestigious names, which was born from the watchmaking skills of two Polish émigrés who sought refuge in Switzerland after Poland’s November uprising. 


The Patek, Czapek & Cie. watch brand was born when two Polish émigrés, Antoine Patek and François Czapek, joined forces in Geneva. The partnership was to last six years, after which the two gentlemen went their separate ways, both continuing in the watch business. But while one of them grew into what is today one of the most coveted names in watchmaking, the other was largely forgotten.

On 10th November 2015 the Czapek name and brand were revived in a new company in true 21st century style, encouraging potential customers to invest directly in the brand by purchasing share packages that grant them discounts on the company’s timepieces.

The products stand out with a unique design featuring two sub-dials in the bottom half of the dial, recalling those of an original Czapek & Cie. watch No. 3430 from 1850. They are fitted with exclusive movements developed in conjunction with Chronode (Jean-François Mojon). 

François Czapek born in Poland.
François Czapek emigrates to Switzerland.
On 1st May, Patek, Czapek & Cie. was set up as a six-year partnership, with Czapek responsible for watchmaking and Patek for sales.
Plans are hatched to revive the Czapek & Cie. brand.
The new brand and its collections are launched.

Czapek wants to become a fine watch brand for watch lovers by watch lovers. By involving potential customers in the company financing from the outset, its aims to foster a lasting relationship, while ensuring a limited production to maintain a level of exclusivity.

The brand expects to appeal to people who are not buying their first or second fine timepieces but possibly their third. Once a collector has acquired a piece from a mainstream luxury brand, then progressed to their first simple gold watch, Czapek aims to meet a more niche requirement in terms of functions and complications.

Czapek has a philosophy of transparency, indicating the provenance of its components from the industry’s leading suppliers and presenting a clear road map in terms of both product and business development. This philosophy comes from the integration of the shareholders in a co-creation process, and from a culture of sharing that goes beyond that of crowdfunding.


Design Study Chronograph

A watch created in 2013 to accompany the revival of the brand. The limited edition of 15 pieces was equipped with an historical manually-wound chronograph movement from 1971 and had a 42mm stainless-steel case with a carbon fibre dial.

Quai des Bergues

Available in gold (with enamel dials), titanium or stainless steel the Quai des Bergues is immediately identifiable by its two subdials, one for the small seconds and another in the form of an original combined power reserve/weekday indicator with a double-edged hand. It is fitted with an exclusive manually-wound calibre with a 7-day power reserve developed by Chronode.