Zino Davidoff created an empire in keeping with his ideals. His motto was “Getting the most out of every minute”. According to Davidoff, true luxury is a case of living with passion and intensity; living each moment to the full, with nothing lost.

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    Swiss-Ukrainian businessman Zino Davidoff was born on March 11, 1906 in Kiev, the present-day capital of Ukraine. He spent his early childhood there before his family emigrated to Geneva, Switzerland, in 1911. After his studies and passing his baccalaureate, he fulfilled a lifelong dream – a long trip through Latin America which was to make a lasting impact on the rest of his life.

    After his return to Geneva in 1930, he took over his father's business, which he ran very successfully. Within twenty-five years, his name had become known all over the world; his store boasted a whole list of famous and influential customers including actors, writers and politicians.

    Zino Davidoff always insisted on quality. Satisfied only with the best, he travelled to the four corners of the globe in search of inspiration and ideas. By meeting people from different cultures and professions, he learned the meaning of commitment, precision and knowhow – all essential when it comes to producing exceptional products. He always remained faithful to his principles of high standards and innovation. These were foundational to the DAVIDOFF brand – and created the legend.

    The Zino Davidoff Group, founded in 1980, is a Swiss family business which produces watches, writing implements and high-class leather goods for a sophisticated clientele, as well as top-of-the-range perfumes, spectacles, brandy and coffee. DAVIDOFF has committed itself to selecting the most luxurious materials and ingredients in the world. Whether in terms of design, inspiration or knowhow, the aim is always to offer unrivalled quality and reliability. It all goes to make up DAVIDOFF's ethos of perfection.

  • Davidoff's philosophy

    Zino Davidoff created an empire in keeping with his ideals. His motto was “Getting the most out of every minute”. According to Davidoff, true luxury is a case of living with passion and intensity; living each moment to the full, with nothing lost.

    Davidoff's strength is a passion for exploration and discovering new things. The firm's constant motivation resides in its desire to find the very best in design, craftsmanship and innovation, in order to add to its collection and provide owners with full satisfaction.

    The company's principles are simple: DAVIDOFF branded products must all reflect the same high quality, style, authenticity and positive lifestyle embodied by Zino himself.

  • Davidoff's 5 key dates

    1906: birth of Zino Davidoff
    1994: death of Zino Davidoff
    2008: presentation of the first “Very Zino” collection at Baselworld
    2011: launch of the “Velero” collection
    2013: presentation of the new “Velocity” collection at Baselworld

  • Davidoff's collections

    Very Zino : With its very distinctive oval case, the Very Zino builds on traditional watchmaking codes (small second hand at 6 o'clock, date window), reinterpreting them in an unconventional timepiece with an unabashedly contemporary look.

    Velero : “Velero” is a Spanish world meaning sail or sailor. The collection draws its inspiration from the globetrotters of yesteryear – and is designed for those of today: people who are always on the move, and at home anywhere. Its style evokes both elegance and sport, and is reminiscent of life at sea; the round frame is based on a porthole.

  • Contact Davidoff

    Zino Davidoff Trading AG
    ZD Luxury Watches and Accessories Ltd.
    Sternengasse 18
    CH-4010 Basel
    T.  +41 61 201 10 80

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