For DeLaneau, appreciating a luxury item means having the ability to properly assess quality of workmanship, artisanal talent – and its exclusive nature.

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  • About DeLaneau

    Ever since it was founded in 1949 in Bienne, Switzerland, DeLaneau has been developing undisputed expertise in watchmaking and jewellery arts and crafts, creating watches for an exclusive clientele.

    In 1997, in order to be as close as possible to its craftsmen – talented jewel setters, engravers, goldsmiths, watchmakers and jewellers – the company decided to set up in the heart of the historic district in Geneva.

    One of the special characteristics of the DeLaneau brand is its perfect command of Grand Feu enamelling, to which it probably lends more importance than any other watchmaking firm in existence.

    As well as sublimating its watches with the most superb enamelling possible, DeLaneau prides itself on having highly talented engravers working hand in hand with its enamellers to create the exquisite designs that have forged its reputation. The final touch often takes the firm of precious stones being added, a technique that has been used by DeLaneau for decades to give its timepieces added sparkle.

    These remarkable works of art and craftsmanship also feature mechanical movements, elegant complications and original fine jewellery creations.

  • DeLaneau's philosophy

    For DeLaneau, appreciating a luxury item means having the ability to properly assess quality of workmanship, artisanal talent – and its exclusive nature. At DeLaneau, these criteria occupy a fundamental position in the creation of every watch; each model made is designed to be completely faithful to this philosophy.

  • DeLaneau's 5 key dates

    1949: the firm is founded in Bienne
    2001: creation of the enamelling workshop
    2002: creation of the first ladies' tourbillon watch
    2006: introduction of enamel on a large scale
    2007: creation of the caliber 1608 automatic movement

  • DeLaneau's collections

    ATAME : With its name literally meaning “Attach me”, Atame is a timeless, feminine watch, featuring arches and clasps that can be as jewelled just as customers wish.

    RONDO : The surprisingly sober Rondo comes in different versions – available in various diameters, and with or without fine gems.

    DÔME : This arch-topped curved square or rectangular case embodies geometric simplicity and architectural purity.

    CREATIVE HIGH JEWELLERY : Since it was founded in 1949, DeLaneau has been making unique and bespoke timepieces, displaying the Firm's expertise in combining watchmaking and fine jewellery.

  • Contact DeLaneau

    DeLaneau S.A.
    Cour Saint-Pierre 7
    CH – 1204 Genève
    T. +41 22 318 80 40

    Official website

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Featured DeLaneau Watches

  • Thumbnail Rondo Galloping Horse - watch face view



    Rondo Galloping Horse

  • Thumbnail DeLaneau Dôme Paon Impressionnisme DOM40120 WG PAO02 - watch face view



    Dôme Peacock Pavo Albus

  • Thumbnail DeLaneau Origin Rondo Hippocampe RON42001 WG PLI05 - watch face view



    Rondo Seahorse

  • Thumbnail DeLaneau Dôme Tourbillon Ange Yehuyah - watch face view



    Dôme Tourbillon Angel Yehuyah

  • Thumbnail delaneau-origin-atame tulip field-atad120.a-wg-fan09



    Atame Tulip Field

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