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Emile Chouriet

The firm is committed to maintaining and passing on the values of Emile Chouriet – an integral part of its DNA. Elegance has always been associated with the heritage of the Geneva watchmaker’s knowhow.


Jean Depéry, founder of Emile Chouriet, comes from a long line of Master Watchmakers dating back to 1700. He was born in Geneva in 1949. He was initially destined to take over his father's notary's practice, but decided to follow his passion, studied microtechnology and became an engineer.

He founded ‘Emile Chouriet', naming it after an eighteenth-century watchmaker. This name was a way for Jean Depéry to pay tribute to his ancestor, François Dagobert Depéry, supplier of watch components to Emile Couriet, whose history began in 1685.

Like many master watchmakers, Emile Chouriet left France, fleeing religious persecution. He opened his workshop in Geneva and developed his watchmaking talent there.

He specialised in the decoration of “onion” type pocket watches. This avant-garde watch was more accurate thanks to its very large balance wheel, and was greatly appreciated by the aristocracy and haute bourgeoisie.

Chouriet soon earned fame for his delicate, elegant style and the meticulous detail of his decorations. He decorated the watches with enamel, to which he added guilloché, pearls and gold of various colours. 

Emile Chouriet arrives in Geneva.
François Dagobert Depéry creates his first movement decorated by Emile Chouriet.
Creation of the Montres Chouriet Company by Jean Depéry in tribute to Emile Chouriet.
First “Odyssée” watch is produced.
“Lac Léman” watch is created and produced.

The firm is committed to maintaining and passing on the values of Emile Chouriet – an integral part of its DNA. Elegance has always been associated with the heritage of the Geneva watchmaker's knowhow.

Above all, the Firm's desire is to ensure present and future generations benefit from the wealth of this legacy of craftsmanship. With this in mind, Emile Chouriet develops timeless watches that combine all the finesse of the decorative talents of their original muse with the elegance of contemporary timepieces. 


Catch The Moon

This timepiece, the first complication fully designed and manufactured in the Firm's workshops, features a dual time display, in a sector dial: 1am to 12 noon and 1pm to midnight. Beneath the benevolent moon, this unique timepiece is adorned by ten diamond stars. 

Contemporary Luxury

Drawing its inspiration from the “Ailes du Temps” collection, Contemporary Luxury watches are enhanced with a luxury finish. Their transparent backs reveal the automatic movement.

Les Ailes du Temps

The traditional horns on this pure, ethereal timepiece have been replaced by two pairs of falcon wings – the brand's emblem and the hallmark of all of the Firm's timepieces.

Royal Pearl

This collection, with asymmetric cases and falcon-wing horns, features enamelled or jewelled dials in contemporary men's and women's versions.


A family affair

The founder of the company, Jean Depéry, is a descendant of the man after whom the company is named and works with his daughters Marion and Sophie inside the company in Geneva, Switzerland. Although the brand's customer base has historically been in China and the company was acquired by Citylion International Limited before transferring to the ownership of Fiyta in 2009, Mr Depéry has always had the objective of giving the watches a wider appeal. He opened a new factory in Meyrin, on the outskirts of Geneva, in 2012 and was among the first to react, quite ambitiously, to ETA's decision to cut its movement supplies to third parties and developed his own in-house calibre. Even more audacious was the fact that this automatic movement was designed primarily for use in ladies' watches.

Value for money in every model

The average price of an Emile Chouriet model is 2,000 Swiss francs, putting the brand in the accessible luxury segment, particularly for Swiss Made watches with automatic movements. The collection includes models such as the Challenger Deep divers watch with a stainless-steel case and the classically themed Ice Cliff (also with a stainless-steel case). The Ice Cliff is notable because of the evolution of its dial, which started out with a deep grooved design that has softened over its three iterations. The in-house automatic movement is found in the Alchimie collection, which is available for ladies' and men and with leather strap or steel bracelet. The two sizes make the Alchimie the perfect couple's watch, conforming to a trend in China for couples to buy matching watches.

From mechanical ballet to real ballet

As a sponsor of the Prix de Lausanne, a famous ballet prize, Emile Chouriet continues a link between fine Swiss watchmaking and dance that was started by Peter Braunschweig. His father invented the Incabloc shock-absorbing system for watches and he himself set up the Prix de Lausanne in 1973. Like most Swiss watches, Emile Chouriet's models use the Incabloc system, which completes the circle as the Geneva based brand now supports the Prix de Lausanne.

A discreet brand with hidden gems

The classic case in the brand's collection is identified by its highly stylised "scroll" lugs and is used in a number of models that other brands would claim contain "a high perceived value". In practice this means practical complications such as a day/date and moon phase (including a wonderful giant-sized moon phase model with a spectacular dial) at an affordable price. But the collection also includes extravagances such as the Wisdom Minute Repeater, with a curtain-like dial revealing the tourbillon and a rose gold case (gold is more the exception than the rule in this otherwise affordable collection). It's worth noting that all the models offer an easily-readable way of telling the time, which is by no means a given among the many designs of the Swiss watch industry.