Accuracy, reliability and elegant discretion have been bringing life to Eterna watches for nearly 160 years.

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  • About Eterna

    In 1856, Doctor Josef Girard and schoolmaster Urs Schild founded the “Dr. Girard & Schild” ‘Ebauche' factory in Grenchen. They worked together for four years before Dr. Girard, wishing to take up medicine again, decided to sell his shares to his partner.

    The Firm steadily grew and installed its first automatic machines of its own design. Thanks to its watches produced in-house, ‘Dr. Girard & Schild' became a manufacture in 1870.

    After the death of Urs Schild in 1888, the firm remained in the family and was renamed “Gebr. Schild & Co.” It launched the Eterna brand, which appeared for the first time on the dial of a pocket watch in 1889. The same year, Urs Schild's son Theodor, a mechanical engineer, took over as manager, remaining at the helm for 33 years.

    Eterna was at the forefront of the development of the wristwatch, and filed a patent for a special case with movable safety catches. Thanks to its innovations, the firm won its first Grand Prix at the Universal Exposition in Brussels in 1910.

    Over the course of the following decade, Eterna pursued the same course, presenting a number of creations including a cigarette lighter watch, which wound itself up when lit.

    The Eterna-Matic rotor mounted on ball bearings first came out in 1948. From then on, Eterna dials have recalled this innovation, with the five ball bearings featured in the logo.

    The firm celebrated its centenary in 1956 with the “Centenaire” model. 21 years later, Eterna reconnected with its past as a manufacture proper, presenting no fewer than four new calibers in five years.

    In 2009, fifty years after the Eterna-Matic, the “Eterna Spherodrive” system, with its barrel mounted on ball bearings, was released. In 2012, Eterna launched the Adventic, the first model to sport the Manufacture 3843 caliber, itself powered by an Eterna Spherodrive.

  • Eterna's philosophy

    Accuracy, reliability and elegant discretion have been bringing life to Eterna creations for over one hundred and fifty years. Thanks both to aesthetic appearance and their movements, Eterna watches that have stood the test of years through successive generations, and the brand is now part of watchmaking heritage. Eterna has patiently acquired all the watchmaking skills required to earn the status of a genuine manufacture.

    The Firm is now home to all the required technologies and the craftsmen proficient in them, enabling it to be just as firmly established in the twenty-first century as it ever was – without  abandoning the timeless watches that have charted the course of its history.

  • Eterna's 5 key dates

    1856: The Firm is founded
    1914: Presentation of the smallest series-produced wristwatch with a baguette movement
    1948: Arrival of the ball bearing-mounted rotor, which becomes a part of the history of watchmaking as the Eterna-Matic
    2005: Creation of the ultra-flat 3030 caliber
    2009: Invention of the “Eterna Spherodrive” with a ball bearing-mounted barrel

  • Eterna's collections

    Adventic: With its unusual small seconds hand offset at nine o'clock and GMT dial positioned at six o'clock, the Adventic is a round timepiece that makes the most of traditional aesthetics.

    Vaughan: The Vaughan is sober and discrete, featuring Dauphine hands and large date, as well as a vintage-cum-contemporary style.

    Madison: The firm's only collection with a barrel case, this timepiece with complications is a blend of refinement and tradition.

    Heritage: This collection brings together the Firm's historic timepieces, preserving the original designs.

    Centenaire: Brought out for the Firm's centenary celebrations, the Centenaire displays subtle discretion in a 40 mm gold case.

    1948: With its sober round case and fine strap fitting close to the dial, the 1948 is a timeless model.

    KonTiki: The KonTiki, an icon of watchmaking, sails down through the ages like its illustrious source of inspiration, Thor Heyerdahl and the raft on which he crossed the seas.

    Tangaroa: With its iconic railtrack minute circle, the Tangaroa offers impeccable readability, featuring large hour markers on a black or grey dial.

    Artena: A classic men's or ladies' Quartz watch, the Artena is a contemporary timepiece of elegant sobriety.

    Contessa:  Drawing on Art Deco for its inspiration, the Contessa has a jewelled tonneau case and mother-of-pearl back.

  • Contact Eterna

    Eterna SA
    Schützengasse 46
    CH-2540 Grenchen
    T. +41 32 654 72 11

    Official website



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    1948 for Him Chronograph

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— Jason Heaton tested the Eterna SuperKonTiki Chronograph and the Eterna Lady Kontiki Diver in Bonaire, a mecca for scuba divers.
JULY 12, 2016
Eterna Collection Eternity


— Inspired by Eterna’s timepieces from the 1950s and 60s, the Eternity Collection offers contemporary classics for today’s men and women.
JUNE 06, 2016
Eterna Skeleton


— Eterna presents the Skeleton timepiece, a limited edition of 3 versions of 160 pieces, honouring the brand's 160th anniversary.
MAY 23, 2016
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— Find out what is hidden behind a watch brand’s logo. An essential element of their visual identity, it is immediately recognisable, but also easily misunderstood.
MAY 18, 2016
Founders of Eterna

160 years: something to celebrate!

— The Swiss watchmaker celebrates its 160th birthday this year, which gives us an opportunity to recap some of its illustrious history.
MAY 09, 2016
Baselworld black watches
Black watches

A range of styles happily mix it up with black

— After our initial selection of “total black” watches, we continue our series by looking at men’s watches in black. And, no slight intended, ladies will close the series.
APRIL 22, 2016
Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph

Super KonTiki Chronograph

— Eterna presents its new Super KonTiki Chronograph with the in-house 3916A flyback chronograph calibre.
MARCH 18, 2016
Eterna Kontiki Lady Diver

Lady Kontiki Diver Special Edition

— Eterna launches the new Kontiki Lady after a 23-year break.
MARCH 03, 2016
Eterna Avant-Garde Gent Lady

Avant-Garde Gent & Lady

— This new model impresses with its classically elegant restraint, but also surprises with refined details.
MARCH 01, 2016
Eterna KonTiki Challenge

KonTiki Challenge

— The KonTiki adventure isn’t just an interesting story.
DECEMBER 10, 2015
Eterna Kontiki

A new DNA for the 160th anniversary

— Robert Dreyfuss, CEO of Eterna, is planning to make some major changes in order to set the Manufacture from Grenchen back on its feet.
DECEMBER 02, 2015
Eterna - KonTiki


— In memory of an adventurious expedition.
OCTOBER 22, 2015
Tax Free World Exhibition 2015

The annual event of the duty free and travel retail industry

— Eterna and Frédérique Constant will take part at the world's biggest duty free and travel retail association, which will be held from the 18th until the 23rd of October in Cannes.
OCTOBER 18, 2015
  • Eterna

    Eterna’s discreet turn-around man

    — He’s been working quietly behind the scenes since the start of the year. Now Robert Dreyfuss, CEO of Eterna, shares his vision for the brand.
    OCTOBER 16, 2015
  • Eterna - New Website

    New website

    — Eterna plans to celebrate its 160th anniversary in 2016. To mark the occasion, the Grenchen-based watchmaker is revamping its web presence.
    SEPTEMBER 14, 2015
  • Artena Lady & Gent

    Artena Lady & Gent

    — For the summer, the brand unveils two new timeless classics.
    JUNE 05, 2015
  • Mouvement Breguet

    Movements in fine form

    — Form movements are an aesthete’s pleasure, hugging the curves and lines of the cases containing them to the nearest millimetre. Horological feats composed of...
    MAY 08, 2015
  • Eterna competition winner

    Our competition winner

    — Marc G. from Hochfelden in Alsace, France, was the lucky winner of our competition to win an Eterna Vaughan Big Date watch.
    APRIL 16, 2015
  • Eterna,Super KonTiki Black Limited Edition

    Super KonTiki

    — Eterna launches new Super KonTiki models inspired by original, including the Black edition, limited to 888 watches.
    APRIL 09, 2015
  • Eterna Grace Open Art

    Grace Open Art

    — Its name alone suggests that this creation is a genuine work of art...
    FEBRUARY 10, 2015
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    2015: best wishes from watch industry CEOs

    — Since 2014 is already a thing of the past for most watch industry CEOs, what could one wish them for 2015? WorldTempus has already popped the question.
    DECEMBER 31, 2014
  • Réserve de marche
    Power reserve

    The end of an era

    — There has been a distinct paradigm shift, with customers proving increasingly reluctant to accept a timepiece incapable of keeping going over the weekend....
    DECEMBER 02, 2014