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Franck Dubarry

Franck Dubarry's mission is to develop sporty and elegant luxury watches with a touch of style that appeal to hyperactive non-conformists who are passionate about watches, just like the brand's founder.


After establishing the avant-garde Technomarine watch brand in 1997 and managing it until 2007, Franck Dubarry set up his eponymous brand in 2015 with the aim of breaking the traditional codes of watchmaking with new ideas, concepts and materials for watches  without the hefty price tag of many of the independent watch brands on the market.

The luxury watches designed by Franck Dubarry are produced by the company in Switzerland using in-house movements and cutting-edge materials, ensuring that owners of a Franck Dubarry watch will always have a timepiece that is ahead of its time. 

Franck Dubarry unveiled his first collection, Crazy Balls, with a revolutionary patented concept based on an electronic movement, before presenting a unique 360° flying bridge module produced in-house on his Crazy Wheel collection.

As part of Franck Dubarry's approach to using new technologies in his watches, in addition to materials such as carbon and kevlar, the watches also feature straps in "Elastogator", which is a combination of rubber with the unmistakable imprint of alligator leather.


End of non-competition clause with Technomarine.
Franck Dubarry establishes the brand.
Franck Dubarry makes its debut at Baselworld and presents the Fileteado GMT Collection, fitted with a specific case that will become the brand’s signature.
The Crazy Wheel collection and its patented in-house module is unveiled.
The new "Diver" collection is presented at Baselworld.

As a man who has travelled the world, Franck Dubarry has his own style and views luxury through his own unique lens. The watches designed by Franck Dubarry aim to highlight this rather different take on luxury watchmaking and offer products with their own distinctive style and touch of luxury at a price that defies comparison with similar brands in the industry.



Franck Dubarry's take on the diver's watch for men uses a black PVD case with composite carbon bezel and funky "elastogator" strap, which is a combination of rubber and alligator embossed insert. The Diver collection is water resistant to 300 metres and also employs high-tech materials such as forged carbon and kevlar.

Crazy Wheel

The entire centrepiece of the dial on the Crazy Wheel collection rotates through 360 degrees to follow the minutes, with the hours visible on a subsidiary dial that follows this rotation. This patented module has been developed with Dominique Renaud SA and is produced in-house. The Crazy Wheel case is available in titanium or bronze and the strap is in the leather/rubber combination of elastogator.

Fileteado GMT

Inspired by Fileteado Porteno, the artworks of Italian immigrants to Buenos Aires and Argentina in the 1920s, the Fileteado GMT collection carries ornate decorations on the case and motifs typical of the fileteado school on the dial.