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Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, Graham preserves the legacy of London clockmaker George Graham, developing modern timepieces that combine sophisticated techniques with an atypical design.


George Graham, born in 1673, worked as a clockmaker in London during a period in history where accurate timekeeping provided a crucial strategic advantage at sea. He invented the cylinder escapement and the mercury temperature compensating pendulum, as well as many other instruments used by the scientists and physicists of the day.

George Graham was open-minded and did not hesitate to help others and share his ideas with his peers, in particular Julien Le Roy. Graham was also partner to the famous watchmaker Thomas Tompion, and married his niece in 1696. When his colleague died, Graham took over Tompion's business and established himself as an independent watchmaker.

In 1721, he received the honorary title of ‘Fellow of the Royal Society' and the following year became a ‘Master of the Clockmakers' Company'. He died in 1751, leaving behind him an unrivalled contribution to watchmaking. He is buried in London's famous Westminster Abbey – next to his friend Thomas Tompion.

Creation of Graham.
Chronofighter launch.
Silverstone launch.
Geo.Graham Orrery Tourbillon in tribute to the creation of the modern orrery by George Graham.
15th anniversary of the Chronofighter collection and launch of the Chronofighter Vintage.

Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, the brand preserves the legacy of George Graham, developing modern timepieces that combine sophisticated techniques and atypical design.

With respect to the work of the great English master after whom the company is named, Graham strives to be an unusual brand with its own distinctive personality, standing firmly apart from other watchmaking enterprises.



The Chronofighter model is fitted with an on/off lever on the chronograph. This system was used on pilots' watches in the 1940s. Pilots needed to be able to accurately measure the different stages of the flight plan. They wore gloves due the icy cold temperatures at altitude, so they needed a suitable switch system. The lever on the left of the case, combined with a precision mechanical movement, means the chronograph's stop/start functions can be activated using the thumb.


The Geo.Graham collection comprises outstanding high-end watches, including tourbillons, orrery tourbillons and a manual flying tourbillon model with a retrograde precision moon phase display that requires adjustment only once every 122 years.


The Silverstone, aimed at motor sports lovers, features a distinctive design that draws its inspiration from the world of motor racing. Everything about it evokes racing, speed and precision mechanics from the carbon dial to the rubber strap with its tyre tread pattern.


Graham - The Man

George Graham may not be a household name to many, but he is one of the most important English watch and clockmakers of all time. Being of British descent in 1673 he worked with other greats such as Thomas Tompion and his works have been owned by many great men through the ages.

He is known as the “father of the chronograph” as he was the first to invent such a mechanism that could time the duration of something.

The Brand As We Know It

The brand today was launched by two Swiss men born in a small Swiss town. There names are Eric Loth and Pierre-André Finazzi and in 1995 they together launched Graham the brand, which was inspired by the great man himself.

Today the company make mainly chronographs so as to pay homage to the great man himself who was known as ‘father of the chronograph’.

The watches themselves are instantly recognizable due to their oversize nature. The chronograph movements all feature automatic winding. These watches aren’t adorned with diamond bezels and diamond dials, they are functional tool watches designed with astronomical and aeronautical applications in mind.

Today their line up of watches also features a range known as Geo.Graham which is a selection of tourbillons and a moon-phase complication.

The lineup consists of Geo.Graham, Chronofighter and Silverstone. Previous models in the line-up include the Swordfish range, but they are no longer available to sell new and can only be purchased on the pre-owned market through watch and jewelry stores.

The Oversize Chronofighter

The oversize Chronofighter is perhaps the most recognizable in the range. This model is oversize and features a unique start/stop leader on the left side of the case. The lever is pressed to ensure the timing function is toggled on and off with ease and runs through the center of the crown where it connects with the movement. This is a feature used on pilots watches of the 1940s. The chronofighter offerings are only supplied in steel and offered on bracelets or straps. The Prodive model of the Chronofighter range is a limited edition model, limited to only 200 pieces.

Geo.Graham - The Limited Edition

The Geo.Graham is the true high end collection in the brand. Whilst they may look more like a jewelry piece than other line-ups, they are far from being only jewelry, as their technical complications are where these models shine. These models highlight a level of refinement and innovation that is in keeping with the brand's history. The collection showcases three tourbillon complications. The Orrery Tourbillon also features a mechanical solar system model which makes its way around the face via a system of rings and a diamond set in the center of the dial. the Moon model is equipped with a phases of the moon complication. All these models are offered exclusively in gold. They come in white gold and pink gold with all being limited in edition which makes them extremely collectable to buy and sell in the new and pre-owned markets.

These tourbillon models are only available on leather straps.


The Silverstone range is inspired by motor racing and all feature automatic chronograph movements and come in a variety of colour options. The straps are designed to resemble the tire of a motor car.