“La Montre Hermès” has adopted an epicurean philosophy that values the creation of sober, contemporary timepieces.

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  • About Hermès

    Thierry Hermès was born in 1801. The son of an innkeeper, he decided to become a saddler, setting up his workshop in Paris in 1837. The Firm quickly earned a reputation for its quality, and the owners of the finest horses came there for their harnesses and saddles.

    His son, Charles-Emile, took over from him in 1859. He in turn was aided by his two sons. By that time, the saddler's had moved to 24 rue du Faubourg St Honoré in Paris – and earned itself an international clientele.

    The family Firm developed its business using the name ‘Hermès Frères'. After a trip to the United States, where transport was booming, Emile-Maurice Hermès had the idea of designing luggage and travel accessories and developed new uses for the zip fastener. The latter was as yet unknown in Europe, and Hermès obtained exclusive rights to the device.

    In 1912, Émile Hermès had his workshops produce a first wristwatch for his daughter Jacqueline, featuring Hermès' distinctive poetic, minimalist aesthetic appearance. However, it was not until 1928 that the Firm made a long-term move in the direction of watchmaking. It started out by presenting the ‘Ermeto' model, produced by the Swiss manufacture Movado and equipped with an in-house leather fitted case.

    By that time, the Hermès brand had also moved into off-the-peg garments, leather goods and jewellery. Favoured by celebrities the world over, in the early 1970s Hermès opened stores on all continents.

    On the strength of its successful watchmaking creations, in 1978 the Firm opened its ‘La Montre Hermès' subsidiary in Bienne, and in 2006 acquired a stake in the Vaucher manufacture. In 2006, it also opened a leather strap workshop in Brügg near Bienne.

    The Firm is now celebrating a century of watchmaking and pursuing the development of its own watchmaking line, presenting a ladies' version of the Arceau model equipped with a moon's phase complication. The Firm offers affordable models as well as complicated timepieces that maintain Hermès' particular reserved and yet evocative style, with watches such as “Le temps suspendu”, which gives the wearer the illusion of being able to halt the course of time at their whim.

  • Hermès' philosophy

    “La Montre Hermès” has adopted an epicurean philosophy that values the creation of sober, contemporary timepieces.

    The Firm, which still belongs to its founder's family, is continuing to cultivate its distinctive spirit of quality, enlisting the help of the best craftsmen and their attention to detail and finishes.

    Whilst remaining faithful to its saddler origins, the Firm has successfully added noble watchmaking values to its fundamentals: good workmanship, precision and elegance. Simple, poetic and self-evident, La Montre Hermès is unfettered by fashion or time.

  • Hermès' 5 key dates

    1801: Thierry Hermès born
    1912: first wristwatch made by Hermès
    1928: the firm embarks on watch production
    2006: the firm buys a stake in Vaucher Manufacture
    2012: acquisition of Natéber SA and a stake in Joseph Erard SA

  • Hermès' collections

    Arceau: The Arceau collection represents French elegance. Originally launched in 1978, it has endured well beyond its times. Featuring a round case, it is characterised by its dial with sloping numbers and upper clasp in the shape of a stirrup.

    Cape Cod: The distinctive features of this square and rectangular collection are the horns integrated into the case and the lack of bezel, giving the timepieces a minimalist, contemporary style.

    Clipper: Clipper is Hermès' sports collection. Its porthole-shaped bezel with six protruding rivets recalls the yachts of times gone by.

    Dressage:  Presented for the first time in 1993, it still represents the Hermès manufacture line.

    Heure H: The Heure H collection is the Firm's most iconic. It comes gold-plated or in steel, and features an H-shaped case.

    Kelly: Drawing its inspiration from the bag of the same name – paying tribute to Princess Grace of Monaco – Kelly is a locket watch.

    Kelly 2: The Kelly 2 boasts a slim steel case housing a white dial and topped with four protruding inserts.

  • Contact Hermès

    La Montre Hermès SA
    Erlenstrasse 31A
    Postfach 960
    CH-2501 Bienne
    T. +41 32 366 71 00

    Official website

    Google +


The watch list

Featured Hermès Watches

  • Hermès - Arceau - Le temps suspendu or rose Serti - 039539WW00 - AR7.471.213/ZAR



    Le Temps Suspendu Or Rose

  • Hermès - Arceau -  Petite Lune



    Petite Lune

  • Hermès - Dressage - Le Chronographe - 038896WW00




  • Hermès - Cape Cod - GMT - 038713WW00


    Cape Cod


  • Hermès - Clipper - Sport




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