The firm’s foundational principles are avant-gardism and technical prowess. Each new timepiece is not simply the modification of an existing aesthetic model, but is completely designed from scratch.

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    Hysek can be described as both a watchmaking designer and a designer watchmaker: since it was founded in 1997, it has developed complex movements in close association with a particularly sophisticated aesthetic appearance. Through its primary vocation of design, Hysek imparts a refined, exclusive, avant-garde spirit to each of its creations.

    Hysek entered the watchmaking scene with Kilada: its first line, revealing timepieces that summed up the philosophy that was to guide it henceforth: tight lines, a contemporary design and an approach that marked a breakaway from the codes of traditional watchmaking.

    On the back of the success of its first creations, Hysek rapidly commenced operations on all continents. Its watchmaking excellence quickly expanded, too: in 2003, the Kilada was equipped with a tourbillon and in 2005, a Westminster minute repeater, dubbed Symphony, marked the entry of Hysek into fine watchmaking. The same year saw the arrival of the Abyss line, with its highly modern curves embodying the very special care take with the case profiles.

    In 2007, Hysek undertook to bring together the different trades necessary for making its timepieces under one roof. From that time on, the brand has been committed to developing Fine Watchmaking calibers, including a tourbillon, a complication it duplicated for the Kilada XX-Ray: for the first time in the world, a watch was fitted with two tourbillon movements.

    Even as the first ladies' models were added to the collection, Hysek developed new models at a sustained pace: the Grand Complication Colosso GMT Minute Repeater, the ‘Furtif Mirage'  tourbillon, and the more classical IO line, as well as new automatic Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Chronograph calibers from the manufacture, bearing witness to the firm's creative vitality. These many developments have contributed to Hysek's growth, with the opening of its first stores in Asia in 2010 and 2012.

    Manufacture Hysek now designs and produces watches, jewellery, writing implements and accessories. With products distributed in over 50 countries, Hysek can boast an international reputation and exposure.

  • Hysek's philosophy

    The firm's foundational principles are avant-gardism and technical prowess. Each new timepiece is not simply the modification of an existing aesthetic model, but is completely designed from scratch. This perpetual calling into question leads to the creation of extremely audacious and contemporary timepieces.

    Furthermore, by developing its own mechanical movements with small and grand complications, Manufacture Hysek can afford to combine the technical prowess in which it excels with this aesthetic creativity, reinterpreting it in an innovative manner.

  • Hysek's 5 key dates

    1997: Hysek launched
    2005: creation of the Abyss Discoverer, equipped with a patented bezel locking system
    2007: Hysek inaugurates its own manufacture, coinciding with the launch of the Grand Complication Colosso
    2008: Hysek unveils its first tourbillon, the HW03, designed and manufactured by the Firm
    2010: the firm grows internationally, opening its first dedicated stores in Asia

  • Hysek's collections

    Verdict: The virile, contemporary, urban Verdict line will draw the attention of watchlovers in search of creations with a strong identity.

    Furtif: A timepiece with an angular design playing on the combination of brushed steel and a faceted sapphire crystal, the Furtif collection comprises different models fitted with manufacture automatic movements and a double micro-rotor.

    IO: In a round case, the ample forms of this contemporary collection reveal subtle, classical refinement. The flagship watch of this collection, the IO Heure Sautante, features a jumping hour display.

    Abyss: The absolute expression of the Hysek style, the Abyss line will win over a smart casual clientele thanks to its wide range of calibers and materials. With diameters ranging from 35 to 47mm, this round-cased collection with a powerful profile stands out for the quality of its finishes, the perfect integration of the wristband and innovative functions such as the revolving bezel locking system.

    Kilada: Kilada, the brand's historic model, features the atypical, minimalist style upon which the Firm's identity is founded. The collection now comprises a series of timepieces boasting a very large number of different functions: chronograph, power reserve, large date display, annual calendar, and a double micro-rotor tourbillon.

    V-King: With a one-piece design, mounted on the side rather than the back, and turning the gaskets into a design feature, the V-King is an original timepiece – not only from an aesthetic point of view but also in terms of its technical design.

    Kalysta: Hysek’s first collection of precious mechanical watches, Kalysta, whose name means “the fairest”, is the fruit of a pure aesthetic vision. Bearing in mind that women are more sensitive to creative touches than to mechanical sophistication, the manufacture has thought first and foremost in terms of shape, brilliance – and emotion.
    Beneath its fine apparel, though, Kalysta is powered by an exclusive calibre that redefines refinement and preciousness. The movement, designed and produced wholly in-house, does away with traditional hands, offering instead a whole new way of reading the time.

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    Manufacture Hysek SA
    Chemin de la Vignette 1
    CH-1167 Lussy Sur Morges
    Tel +41 21 804 90 90

    Official website

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  • Hysek Furtif Skeleton Tourbillon
  • Hysek io Jumping Hour
  • Hysek - ABYSS - automatic tourbillon
  • Hysek - ABYSS - chronograph
  • Hysek - ABYSS - chronograph
  • Hysek - .io. - skeleton tourbillon
  • Hysek - .io. - chronograph tourbillon
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Featured Hysek Watches

  • Hysek - Jumping Hour Tourbillon



    Jumping Hour Tourbillon

  • Hysek - Abyss Automatic Tourbillon


    Abyss Automatic Tourbillon

  • Hysek - Furtif Skeleton Tourbillon


    Furtif Skeleton Tourbillon

  • Hysek - Abyss Chronograph


    Abyss Chronograph

  • Hysek - Kalysta Exotic Tale


    Kalysta Exotic Tale

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Hysek Abyss Automatic Tourbillon
Hysek Shanghai © Hysek

Official partner of the SFJDA in Shanghai

— Hysek promotes all forms of art, including the seventh art, by supporting the Shanghai Film Joint Development Association (SFJDA).
NOVEMBER 27, 2016

IO 42 mm Power Reserve

— The brand reinvents one of its classics, the IO 42 mm Power Reserve.
SEPTEMBER 16, 2016

Women are back on court in Gstaad

— Hysek is sponsor and official timekeeper of the Ladies Championship Gstaad, which this year welcomes tennis star Timea Bacsinszky.
JULY 13, 2016

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Hysek Official Timekeeper Ladies Championship Gstaad

First sports partnership

— Hysek becomes global partner and official timekeeper of the Ladies Championship Gstaad.
JUNE 20, 2016
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Introducing the 2016 Hysek watch collection

— With a launch calendar spread across the year, there is plenty to look forward to from Hysek in 2016.
APRIL 26, 2016
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Hysek - Furtif Skeleton Tourbillon

Furtif Skeleton Tourbillon

— For almost ten years now, Hysek has been concocting a new form of watchmaking art – ultra skeletonisation. The new version of the Furtif Skeleton Tourbillon, the first example of which appeared in 2008, takes this art a step further.
APRIL 17, 2016
Hysek Kalysta Jumping Hours


— Kalysta is Hysek's first jewellery-watch collection. It features a brand-new complication developed by the manufacture.
APRIL 07, 2016
Hysek Abyss 44mm Chronograph

Abyss Chronograph 44mm

— Hysek is unveiling at Baselworld a brand new version of the manufacture’s iconic chronograph, the Abyss.
MARCH 18, 2016
Hysek - Abyss

Anatomy of an Abyss-al decade

— The Abyss by Hysek is rounding off its first decade. An analytical look at a finely controlled trajectory for a collection that has carved out a place of its own without ever betraying its essence.
FEBRUARY 26, 2016
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A rare breed

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