The Hydro Mechanical Horologists at HYT have realised an impossible dream: combining mechanics and fluids in a wristwatch.

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    The 2002 Swiss national exhibition was held around the lakes of Neuchâtel, Bienne and Morat. It was amid this profusion of large lakes that the idea of a water watch was born. The idea of returning to liquid indications in a sealed wrist watch – some three thousand years after the Pharaohs' first water clocks – was captivating from a technical point of view alone.

    Mindful of the challenges involved in bringing this idea to fruition, a shareholder model was set up to provide the resources to put it into practice. The project would bring together two different worlds: on the one hand, that of chemicals and medical technology – which alone had the capabilities for dealing with the fluid aspect – combined for the first time with the world of traditional watchmaking.

    The team was expanded in 2010.

    Bringing together designers, chemists, mechanics and microtechnicians, the H1 concept finally came into being.
    Based on a process that uses fluids to indicate the time, the HYT team of engineers brought together two elements that had hitherto been completely opposed: liquids and watches. Whereas formerly it had been synonymous with corrosion – and the source of major problems with watertightness – here liquid is controlled and channelled inside a capillary tube that runs around the case of the H1.

    HYT has worked hard to ensure that this fluid remains visible and chemically stable: making sure, for instance, that it does not expand or contract according to the ambient temperature, rendering the time indication inaccurate.

    The H1 is a unique timepiece in a unique collection that relies on the fundamental principles of watchmaking – but even as it obeys the precepts of physics and watchmaking, it also features a unique complication that opens up the way for many further developments.

  • HYT's philosophy

    The Hydro Mechanical Horologists at HYT have realised an impossible dream: combining mechanics and fluids in a wristwatch. By carrying off the insane challenge of displaying the time with water, they done much more than add another outlandish item to the watchmaking universe; they have confounded every imaginable stereotype by bringing together two worlds that were formerly diametrically opposed to each other. Never since the clepsydras of the Pharaohs had anyone succeeded in breaking free from the laws of gravity and transposing this source of energy into a portable watch. HYT has achieved this feat.

    HYT's leitmotif is fluid mechanics – the ultimate hybridisation. Its formula is avant-garde watchmaking developments, comprising engineering pushed to its limits, high-tech materials, and a stirring design. This inspired, rebellious style imposes its own codes, underscoring the distinctive temperament and creativity of the whole.

  • HYT's 3 key dates

    2002: the initial idea of creating HYT and a fluid-display watch is first discussed
    2010: HYT founded
    2012: launch of the H1, winner of the GPHG Grand Prix for Innovation the same year

  • HYT's collections

    H1: the H1, the brand's exclusive timepiece, comes in the following versions: titanium, black titanium DLC, pink-gold DLC titanium and pink gold.

  • Contact HYT

    HYT SA
    Route de Falaise 74
    CH-2000 Neuchâtel
    T. +41 32 323 27 70

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The watch list

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HYT H2 Alinghi

H2 Alinghi

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MAY 01, 2016
HYT H2 Preciflex

Strategic Evolutions for HYT & Preciflex

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HYT - H1 Full Gold & H1 Ghost

HYT plays with light and shade

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APRIL 04, 2016
HYT & Preciflex

Teaching the skull to tell the time

— HYT’s unique way of displaying the time on its watches is already complicated enough. But what happens when the round capillary takes on an even more complicated shape?
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FEBRUARY 25, 2016
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Mechanical light


— A look at new approaches that shed light on traditional mechanical watches
FEBRUARY 25, 2016
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    H1 Iceberg2

    — For this year's SIHH, HYT unveiled a new version of its H1 Iceberg, first launched in 2014.
    JANUARY 20, 2016
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