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The elegant, outward-looking philosophy dating back to the Enlightenment is still at the heart of the brand’s identity: Jaquet Droz timepieces have always combined design, materials and knowhow with unprecedented refinements of watchmaking mechanics.

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  • About Jaquet Droz

    Pierre Jaquet-Droz was one of the greatest craftsmen and designers of the eighteenth century. He was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1721 and was a true visionary genius, making his mark on the history of watchmaking.

    Since Jaquet Droz became part of Swatch Group in 2000, the brand has continued to pass on the history and knowhow of its founder. In summer 2010 it moved into its new Fine Watchmaking workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, giving it the ability to respond to increasing market demands and demonstrating its ambitions for growth.

    In 2011, Jaquet Droz took special pride in developing Art Workshops within its Workshop, thus preserving its cherished ancestral knowhow. Miniature painting, sculpture, engraving and paillonné enamel are highlighted on a number of exceptional timepieces in a fitting tribute to these extremely meticulous craftsmen.

    The brand is now established in the Swatch Group's prestige and luxury segment, developing unique products with outstanding knowhow.

  • Jaquet Droz's philosophy

    Ever since it was founded in 1738, Jaquet Droz has been busy immortalising the distinctive spirit of innovation and aesthetic refinement of its founder, Pierre Jaquet-Droz. With his son Henri-Louis, this unrivalled visionary and genius inventor was the first to establish his manufacture in Geneva.

    He visited the courts of Europe to present his breath-taking achievements – including human-like automatons and delicately decorated chiming watches – and exported his timepieces all over the world, even as far afield as China.

    This elegant, outward-looking philosophy dating back to the Enlightenment is still at the heart of the brand's identity: Jaquet Droz timepieces have always combined design, materials and knowhow with unprecedented refinements of watchmaking mechanics.

  • Jaquet Droz's 5 key dates

    1738: Pierre Jaquet-Droz founds his first watchmaking workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds
    1774: design of the three famous automata: the Musician, the Draughtsman and the Writer
    2000: Jaquet Droz joins the Swatch Group's prestige and luxury segment
    2002: launch of the Grande Seconde: a timepiece inspired by a pocket watch designed in the eighteenth century, and the brand's flagship model
    2012: launch of The Bird Repeater, combining all the history, knowhow and imagination of Jaquet Droz. This outstanding timepiece is a fully-fledged automaton that calls on all the decorative trades.

  • Jaquet Droz's collections

    Grande Seconde: Inspired by a pocket watch designed in the eighteenth century, this collection links the Enlightenment period with the third millennium in a blend of Fine Watchmaking and poetry – and a design that is at once timeless and contemporary.

    Grande Seconde SW: This collection asserts its mastery of the aesthetic and technical challenges of the twenty-first century, combining audacity and a thirst for adventure.

    Astrale: With a minimalist appearance and the complications most needed for travel (dual time zone, date), this collection marks a return to the manufacture's traditional aesthetic codes, tailoring them to the requirements of seasoned travellers.

    Petite Heure Minute: This highly feminine collection is characterised by finely notched or jewelled enamel, precious stones and pearls, beautifully offsetting the purity of its lines.

  • Contact Jaquet Droz

    Allée du Tourbillon 2
    CH-2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
    T. +41 32 924 28 88

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Featured Jaquet Droz Watches

  • Thumbnail Jaquet Droz - Grande Seconde Quantième - J007030242

    Jaquet Droz

    Grande Seconde


  • Thumbnail Jaquet Droz - The Bird Repeater

    Jaquet Droz

    Les Ateliers d'Art

    The Bird Repeater

  • Thumbnail Jaquet Droz - Grande Seconde Décentrée Email Ivoire - J006033200

    Jaquet Droz

    Grande Seconde

    Off-Centered Ivory Enamel

  • Thumbnail Jaquet Droz - Majestic Beijing - L'Eclipse Email Ivoire - J012633203

    Jaquet Droz


    L'Eclipse Email Ivoire

  • Thumbnail Jaquet Droz - Complication La Chaux-de-Fonds - Tourbillon SW - J030033240

    Jaquet Droz


    Tourbillon SW

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Chinese New Year

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

— Swiss watchmakers once again use the Chinese New Year to show off their innovations in mechanical movements and their mastery of artistic crafts.
FEBRUARY 19, 2015
Chinese new year, Kung Hei Fat Choy
Jaquet Droz, Sunstone
Jaquet Droz


— The magic of Sunstone makes Jaquet Droz timepieces sparkle.
FEBRUARY 18, 2015
Marten de Vos, Allegory of the Seven Liberal Arts
12th Art

Influences pervading the 12th Art

— The masters of the 12th Art (the Art of time measurement) are artists by nature and love exploring diverse, sometimes centuries-old fields of expression. Numbered from 1 to 6, the classic arts of architecture, sculpture, painting, music, poetry and dance make their influence clearly felt in our selection – as too does the 7th art.
FEBRUARY 14, 2015
Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Deadbeat
Jaquet Droz

Grande Seconde Deadbeat

— Jaquet Droz presents its tribute to the Age of Enlightenment with the Grande Seconde Deadbeat watch
FEBRUARY 04, 2015
The Bird Repeater Geneva © Jaquet Droz
Jaquet Droz

The Bird Repeater Geneva

— This automaton watch pays tribute to Geneva, where Pierre Jaquet-Droz opened his third workshop in 1784.
JANUARY 15, 2015
Ecole-Atelier Rudra Béjart Lausanne, Jaquet Droz
Jaquet Droz

The Rudra Béjart School, Lausanne

— Jaquet Droz is the sponsor of this school providing a unique educational experience, one in which the spirit of Maurice Béjart lives on.
JANUARY 07, 2015
Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Quantieme video
Jaquet Droz

Video. Grande Seconde Quantième

— The Grande Seconde Quantième watch comes in several models. Let's discover the blue version.
JANUARY 03, 2015
Happy New Year  © DR

2015: best wishes from watch industry CEOs

— Since 2014 is already a thing of the past for most watch industry CEOs, what could one wish them for 2015? WorldTempus has already popped the question.
DECEMBER 31, 2014
Reouverture de la boutique Jaquet Droz de Shanghai
Jaquet Droz

Jaquet Droz extends its boutique in Shanghai

— The reopening of the Jaquet Droz boutique in Shanghai on November 14, 2014 marks the beginning of a new chapter in a history that reaches back well over two centuries.
DECEMBER 27, 2014
Jaquet Droz Stéphanie Barba
Jaquet Droz

Video. Stéphanie Barba

— The artist who documents the Béjart Ballet provides inspiration for the brand's timepieces
DECEMBER 25, 2014
Montres talisman
Talisman lady

It’s your lucky moment !

— Superstitious ? No way ! And yet, let’s be honest, we often prefer walking around the other side of the ladder rather than under it, keeping away from black cats, being careful not to shatter mirrors or making a point of not opening our umbrellas inside...
DECEMBER 19, 2014
Jaquet Droz, Eclipse Nacre
Jaquet Droz

Video. Eclipse Mother-of-Pearl

— Jaquet Droz invites the moon to cast its spell over the art of watchmaking with The Éclipse Mother-of-Pearl and The Éclipse Ivory Enamel.
DECEMBER 14, 2014
Petite Heure Minute Relief Chèvres © Jaquet Droz
Jaquet Droz

Petite Heure Minute Relief Goats

— Two new Ateliers d’Art models celebrate the Chinese year of the Goat.
DECEMBER 01, 2014
  • Thumbnail Jaquet Droz writing instruments
    Jaquet Droz

    Writing instruments

    — The brand known by its twin stars, in collaboration with its artisan craftsmen, is offering a collection of matching writing instruments.
    SEPTEMBER 29, 2014
  • Thumbnail La montre de poche Musée
    Jaquet Droz

    The Museum Pocket Watch

    — The brand rekindles the magic of watchmaking in the Age of Enlightenment.
    SEPTEMBER 16, 2014
  • Thumbnail Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève 2013

    Half a gross of winners

    — There can only be one winner of the coveted Golden Hand at the prestigious Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix awards. But with a record-breaking 240 watches...
    SEPTEMBER 02, 2014