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Kerbedanz offers the discerning customer highly exclusive timepieces as unique pieces or strictly limited editions packed with symbolism.


Kerbedanz is a marriage of Swiss watchmaking and jewellery craftsmanship. Its founder and president, Tigran Kerbedanz, chose the name "Kerbedanz" in honour of his ancestor. "Kerbedanz" has a double meaning and signifies leader and precursor and is in the origin of the surname.

These two qualifiers are perfectly suitable for Kerbedanz: precursor in the concept and values ​​attached to the product, but also a leader in the sense that its models, unique or in very limited editions, evoke universes which are unexplored by traditional watchmaking.

Kerbedanz literally means “forerunner”. This notion of being a pioneer pervades all aspects of the brand’s identity, from the design stage through to manufacturing and finishing.

The first idea for the Kerbedanz brand was born.
The company is established in Neuchâtel and the first timepiece, a tourbillon with Celtic blue enamel decoration, is sold.
Kerbedanz participates in the International Chronometry Competition and is classified.
The brand launches its first minute-repeater tourbillon model with animation, three sapphire tourbillon models and two basic tourbillons at BaselWorld 2015.
Launch of the Maximus, with the world's biggest tourbillon cage.

The high-end timepieces produced by Kerbedanz almost exclusively feature the most hallowed of mechanical watch movements, the tourbillon. They combine this movement, which represents the pinnacle of fine watchmaking, with designs full of symbolism that show off rare and precious crafts such as micro-sculpture, enamelling, top decoration, and hand engraving.
The designs themselves are often the result of a direct cooperation between Kerbedanz and the customer, with the true meaning of the symbolism sometimes being subliminal and apparent only to the watch’s owner.


Celtic Dog

Alimited edition of 41, the Celtic Dog model is dedicated to a symbolic figure of Celtic mythology that embodied the hunter or warrior. In Kerbedanz’s modern interpretation, the dog is depicted in relief on a solid white-gold layered dial with a layer of blue enamel. Beneath the dial beats an exclusive KRB-01 in-house tourbillon calibre that has been developed in conjunction with Technotime. The unusual configuration of the movement within the case puts the winding crown at 1:30 and the tourbillon at 7:30 o’clock. Depending on the solstice, in the northern hemisphere this corresponds to the direction of the sunrise.


This is the model with which Kerbedanz was classified in the International Chronometry Competition in 2013. Its KTT738-50 movement thus achieved COSC chronometer certification under ISO 3159 on three separate occasions after undergoing severe tests. Shock-proofing solutions such as a dial without feet, anti-magnetic protection, a shock-absorbing casing ring and the use of special alloys set this model apart. Its name evokes a Meso-American god, the feathered snake, depictions of which are found at the ancient site of Teotihuacán.

Unique pieces

Designed in close cooperation with the customer, the unique pieces produced by Kerbedanz offer exquisite designs combined with the finest in Swiss mechanical movements, such as a manually-wound tourbillon movement with 120 hours of power reserve.