Louis Moinet

Ateliers Louis Moinet was born out of the passion of one man, and this is clearly to be seen in each of its creations.

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  • About Louis Moinet

    Louis Moinet was born in Bourges in 1768. From a very early age, Louis displayed great learning abilities and spent all his spare time with a master watchmaker.

    With a keen interest in Fine Arts, Moinet left Paris for Rome at the age of 20, where he studied architecture, sculpture and painting for five years. On his return to Paris, he joined the Louvre as Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts.

    At the same time, he resumed his studies and watchmaking practice with his former teacher. It took the disciple only ten years to outstrip his master. His passion devoured all his time and he became president of the Chronometry Society of Paris.

    In 1811, Louis Moinet became friends with the great Breguet; they worked together on their common passion until 1833.

    Over a period of two decades, Louis Moinet continued to improve his watchmaking technique and built an astronomical watch before publishing his magnum opus, ‘Le Traité d'Horlogerie', in 1848 – having devoted 20 years of his life to writing it.

    Louis Moinet was both well-loved and renowned as a watchmaker for the great – including the Tsar of Russia, Napoleon, Thomas Jefferson and King George IV of England.

    155 years later, entrepreneur Jean-Marie Schaller revived the Louis Monet legend by founding ‘Les Ateliers Louis Moinet' in St Blaise, Switzerland.

    Adopting a creative approach, the Firm's vocation is to add to this rich heritage – as evidenced by the recent patent applications for new mechanisms. Each timepiece is either unique or is part of a limited edition of 12 or 60 watches.

  • Louis Moinet's philosophy

    Ateliers Louis Moinet was born out of the passion of one man, and this is clearly to be seen in each of its creations. The Maison takes the concept of exclusivity to its height, producing only limited editions.

    Ateliers Louis Moinet makes timepieces combining reliable fundamentals with a visionary spirit, in a fitting tribute to the watchmaking legacy of the talented watchmaker.

  • Louis Moinet's 5 key dates

    1768: Louis Moinet born
    1848: publication of the Traité d'Horlogerie
    1853: Louis Moinet dies
    2008: Ateliers Louis Moinet founded
    2009: presentation of the first watch in the Jules Verne collection

  • Louis Moinet's collections

    Astralis: This collection, with a round case and tourbillon, features a guilloche dial against which its gold hand and hour marker stand out.

    Vertalis Tourbillon: The tourbillon in the Vertalis is spectacularly revealed through its openwork cage.

    Jurassic Tourbillon: In a combination of watchmaking and palaeontology, this timepiece features a dial made from a dinosaur fossil bone.

    Tempograph: The Tempograph is the first round timepiece in the history of watchmaking to feature a 10-second retrograde complication.

    Geograph: The Geograph is an automatic GMT – made particularly visible by blue hands on a grey gold guilloche back.

    Jules Verne Instrument: This collection comprises three ‘Instruments', including a chronograph and a split-second piece. There is also a patented crown-protection system available for its first version.

    Treasures Of The World: This collection of unique timepieces comprises watches with a dial made from brightly-coloured semi-precious stones.

    Mecanograph: On its single dial, this timepiece features a skeleton chronograph on the left and a traditional guilloche finish on the right.

    Stardance: This timepiece features a stone moon phase – made from a piece of actual meteorite.

  • Contact Louis Moinet

    Les Ateliers Louis Moinet S.A.
    Rue du Temple 1
    Case postale 28
    CH - 2072 Saint-Blaise
    T. +41 32 753 68 14

    Official website

    Google +

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The watch list

Featured Louis Moinet Watches

  • Louis Moinet Tempograph 20-Secondes LM-39.20.80 watch face view

    Louis Moinet

    20 Second Tempograph

  • Louis Moinet - Derrick Tourbillon

    Louis Moinet

    Derrick Tourbillon

  • Louis Moinet Limited Edition Vertalor Rose GOld LM-35.50.55 - watch face view

    Louis Moinet


  • Louis Moinet l'Aigle Russe ref. LM-14.70.AI watch face view

    Louis Moinet

    Russian Eagle

  • Louis Moinet LM.31.50.NY Watch-face-view

    Louis Moinet

    Mecanograph New York

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International Chronometry Competition

Louis Moinet winner!

— Louis Moinet's Vertalor has just won the International Chronometry Competition in the Tourbillon category.
OCTOBER 23, 2015
Louis Moinet VERTALOR

SIAR, springs and a sublime Christmas gift

— We fulfill our broad remit this week with coverage of hairsprings, the SIAR, the poetic works of Van Cleef & Arpels and a new Swiss Made masterpiece.
OCTOBER 19, 2015
Louis Moinet - SIAR 2015
Louis Moinet


— Louis Moinet will attend the SIAR show, which will take place from October 20 to 22 in Mexico, to meet with timepiece collectors and enthusiasts.
OCTOBER 17, 2015
Louis Moinet
Louis Moinet

Memoris chronograph-watch

— The Louis Moinet Memoris is one of the stars among the finalists in the Chronograph category at the GPHG 2015.
OCTOBER 12, 2015
Scott Dixon
Louis Moinet

Scott Dixon wins the IndyCar championship

— Louis Moinet ambassador Scott Dixon won the IndyCar championship for the fourth time.
SEPTEMBER 10, 2015
Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève
GPHG 2015

And the 72 pre-selected watches are...

— For its 15th edition, the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève unveils a selection of models highly representative of Fine Watchmaking. Which brands are already winners?
SEPTEMBER 01, 2015
Photo objectif

A watch photo crisis?

— Why are today's watch photos so little creative and so often boring?
AUGUST 20, 2015

Eyes on the prizes, for readers and brands

— Our new monthly competition and news from Only Watch and GPHG 2015
JULY 06, 2015
Louis Moinet Verlator
Louis Moinet

International Chronometry Competition

— Louis Moinet nominated for the International Chronometry Competition.
JULY 02, 2015
Louis Moinet, Mecanograph
Louis Moinet

Jurassic Watch

— 150 million years on your wrist.
JUNE 10, 2015
Aiguilles de montres
Watch hands

The finer points of creativity under threat

— Despite their modest size, hands play a critical role in defining the style of a watch.
JUNE 03, 2015
Energie Plus winding system
Louis Moinet

Video. "Energie Plus" winding system

— Take a closer look at the "Energie Plus" winding system featured in Louis Moinet's Memoris watch.
MAY 30, 2015
Louis Moinet at Baselworld 2015
Louis Moinet

Video. Baselworld 2015

— Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO of Les Ateliers Louis Moinet, introduces the brand's new models.
MAY 26, 2015
  • Louis Moinet, Memoris
    Louis Moinet

    Video. Memoris - The first “chronograph-watch”

    — The Memoris is the first creation ever to reveal the entire chronograph movement on the dial side.
    MAY 23, 2015
  • Louis Moinet, AstroMoon
    Louis Moinet


    — With AstroMoon, a moon phase tourbillon chronograph, Louis Moinet offers another blend of its exclusive watchmaking skill and groundbreaking aesthetic approach.
    MAY 13, 2015
  • Jean-Marie Schaler, CEO de Louis Moinet
    Louis Moinet

    Translating history

    — At Baselworld, WorldTempus talked to Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO of Louis Moinet, about the success of the brand and its tradition, and the Swiss wachmaking...
    MAY 04, 2015
  • Teaser
    BaselWorld 2015

    The art of teasing

    — As brands get ever more creative with their attempts to garner interest for watches that will only be revealed from 18th March this year, WorldTempus attempts...
    FEBRUARY 26, 2015
  • Marten de Vos, Allegory of the Seven Liberal Arts
    12th Art

    Influences pervading the 12th Art

    — The masters of the 12th Art (the Art of time measurement) are artists by nature and love exploring diverse, sometimes centuries-old fields of expression....
    FEBRUARY 14, 2015
  • Louis Moinet Vertalor or rose
    Louis Moinet


    — Vertalor features a tourbillon with a cage hung beneath a three-armed gold bridge.
    FEBRUARY 12, 2015