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Meccaniche Veloci

A brand born from the passion of engines and speed in the design capital of Milan now produces high-end watches in Geneva


It started in Milan in 2006 with the presentation of a watch like no other, the QuattroValvole. Taking its name from the Italian expression for four valves per cylinder in an engine, the QuattroValvole has a design inspired by a piston shape and displays four different times simultaneously on its dial, all powered by an in-house self-winding mechanical movement.

Ten years later Meccaniche Veloci can be found at the heart of Switzerland’s luxury watchmaking district of Plan-les-Ouates in Geneva with an exhibition space set up in a former mechanical workshop. Here, the company oversees its entirely Swiss Made production of all components used in the watch, while keeping the unmistakable Italian design.

Today, for watch lovers, “Meccaniche” is synonymous with this unique and eccentric watch brand.

The brand is established in Milan with the QuattroValvole model.
Launch of the Brembo model in carbo-ceramic.
Meccaniche Veloci is established in Geneva.
Launch of the MV 8802 manufacture movement.
Launch of the first in-house tourbillon model.

Meccaniche Veloci sources its inspiration in the mechanics of fast engines. Like watches, they comprise machined metal gears and rely on lubrication for their operation. Also like watches, they are often behind some of the most exotic designs that men enthuse about. The brand combines the two worlds with a case design inspired by a piston with a Swiss soul inside forming two collections: the Icon and the QuattroValvole.
Four rules underpin their philosophy: production in Switzerland of every single component, exclusive use of in-house developed movements, craftsmanship work carried out by expert watchmakers and limited number of pieces created each year.



The icon models all have an enclosed case with four separate dials displaying individual times, each with its own sapphire crystal.


The original design features a single dial with a large sapphire crystal showing four separate time zones.