Montblanc has always been committed to the same values: the pursuit of quality and craftsmanship.

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  • About Montblanc

    hen Hamburg trader Claus-Johannes Voss, engineer August Eberstein and businessman Alfred Nehemias met to exchange ideas in 1906, little did anyone imagine that their meeting would mark the birth of the international brand Montblanc.

    The three visionaries set up their workshop in Hamburg. A year later, the Montblanc fountain pen embarked on its glorious career. The unashamedly international vocation of Montblanc was clear right from the outset, with the result that the brand was established in many different countries. In 1924, Montblanc took a major step forward with the Meisterstück.

    In 1997, the firm decided to create its very own watch collection. Montblanc haute horlogerie watches have been crafted in the Swiss Jura ever since. Montblanc Montre S.A. decided to set up shop in Le Locle – the cradle of the finest watchmaking expertise – and Villeret, where the Minerva Institute for Research in Fine Watchmaking is headquartered. Since then, the firm has garnered just as much acclaim for its watch designs as for its writing implements.

    Today, over a century after the original workshop was founded, coveted Montblanc products are on display in 70 countries around the world – and the Montblanc star can be found on the world's most prestigious avenues.

  • Montblanc's philosophy

    Montblanc has always been committed to the same values: the pursuit of quality and craftsmanship.

    Its exacting requirements in terms of form, expertise and tradition can be seen in each of the products bearing the white star – and this has been the case for one hundred years now.

    The manufacture's leitmotif is its quest for the greatest refinement possible, leading it to design collections that are the fruit of painstaking craftsmanship and traditional methods.

  • Montblanc's 5 key dates

    1906: Montblanc founded
    1924: Montblanc creates the “Meisterstück” (German for “masterpiece”) collection
    1997: inauguration of “Montblanc Montre S.A.” in Le Locle; takes part in the SIHH (International Fine Watchmaking Show) in Geneva for the first time
    2007: acquisition of the Minerva Manufacture in Villeret
    2008: with the launch of the first movement fully developed and manufactured in its Le Locle workshops, Montblanc becomes a watch manufacture in its own right

  • Montblanc's collections

    Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec: Each watch from this collection bears the characteristics twin rotating second and minute counters that are a reference to the past, recalling the design and technique of the original Inking-Chronograph from 1821 invented by Nicolas Rieussec.

    Montblanc TimeWalker: Design, dynamism and progress are the character traits with which the TimeWalker Collection confidently presents itself wherever ideas, innovations and trends are born.

    Montblanc Collection Villeret 1858: The Montblanc watches manufactured in Villeret benefit from over 150 years of uninterrupted traditional Swiss watchmaking expertise. With timeless aesthetics and intricate mechanical movements crafted entirely in-house, the watches produced still express the core values upon which the Manufacture was founded in 1858.

    Montblanc Princesse Grace de Monaco: The Montblanc Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco pays tribute to her passion with a collection of exquisite timepieces, fine writing instruments and precious jewelry showcasing some of the finest diamonds.

    Montblanc Star: The exclusive and characteristic timepieces in the Montblanc Star Collection uphold the selfsame principles of uncompromising quality and timelessly lucid design that Montblanc’s writing instruments have always embodies.

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    Montblanc International
    Hellgrundweg 100
    T. +49 40 84 00 10

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Featured Montblanc Watches

  • Montblanc - Montblanc 1858 Chronograph Tachymeter


    Montblanc 1858 Chronograph Tachymeter

  • Montblanc - Heritage Chronométrie Quantième Annuel Vasco da Gama Diamonds Limited Edition 90


    Heritage Chronométrie Quantième Annuel Vasco da Gama Diamonds Limited Edition 90

  • Montblanc - Bohème Perpetual Calendar Jewellery


    Bohème Perpetual Calendar Jewellery

  • Montblanc - Timewalker Urban Speed Chronographe e-Strap


    Timewalker Urban Speed Chronographe e-Strap

  • Montblanc Villeret Tourbillon Cylindrique Geosphères Vasco da Gama 111675 watch face view


    Villeret 1858

    Tourbillon Cylindrique Geosphères Vasco da Gama

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Montblanc Bohème

Bohème introduces an ExoTourbillon for women

— The Bohème 2016 collection unveils four new models, including three sumptuous tourbillons.
SEPTEMBER 08, 2016
Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève
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Phase one complete!

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AUGUST 26, 2016

Could this be the world’s lightest mechanical wristwatch?

— Montblanc breaks new ground with the TimeWalker Pythagore Ultra-Light Concept Watch.
AUGUST 14, 2016
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Watch brands and the Olympic Games

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Video. Urban Spirit launch with blogger Juliane Diesmer

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JULY 14, 2016

Captain Nemo and friends

— Interviews with watch industry CEOs, sailing experts and celebrities are on the programme.
JUNE 27, 2016
  • Montblanc Festival Cannes 2016

    Cannes International Film Festival

    — Shia LaBoeuf, Nicole Garcia, Guillaume Gouix, Gabriella Wright et Iris Berben are wearing Montblanc at the 2016 Cannes International Film Festival.
    MAY 17, 2016
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    Record-breakers: an end in sight?

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    Montblanc in Cannes

    Cannes International Film Festival

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