After pioneering beginnings, followed by a traditional period, Perrelet is now avant-garde – and has successfully fitted into the scene in each century.

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    Abraham-Louis Perrelet was born in the Le Locle region of Switzerland in 1729. As he was growing up, the young man became deeply interested in watchmaking and made a number of precision instruments.

    In 1770, he concentrated on creating a system which would continue to function once set in motion. He thus marked out the route for development of the automatic movement – which he eventually completed in 1777.

    His grandson Louis-Frédéric Perrelet was born in 1781 – and inherited the watchmaking genius of his grandfather. When he showed a very early talent for mechanics and mathematics, Abraham-Louis trained him before he left to study with Breguet.

    Louis-Frédéric was a talented man, with a passionate interest in astronomy, physics and science; he soon became an independent watchmaker and presented his astronomical watch at the Universal Exposition of 1823. He was to become watchmaker-mechanic to three kings of France.

    Over the next five years, Louis-Frédéric Perrelet produced and patented a split-second chronograph for physics and astronomy. This invention earned him a medal from the Academy of Sciences. More honours were to follow – in recognition of his talent and perseverance, he was made Knight of the Legion of Honour in 1834.

    Louis, son of Louis-Frédéric Perrelet, took over on the death of his father in 1854 – and also became watchmaker to the kings of France.

    The events of the second half of the century – followed by two World Wars in quick succession – inevitably halted Perrelet's progress. It was to be another 160 years before the firm produced a new watch. Perrelet presented the double rotor in 1995. Ever since, it has been ploughing its own creative furrow, regularly presenting new models – in particular thanks to the Festina group, which bought out the Firm in 2004.

  • Perrelet's philosophy

    After pioneering beginnings, followed by a traditional period, Perrelet is now avant-garde – and has successfully fitted into the scene in each century. In the Perrelet family, passion and the gift of watchmaking are hereditary. Across the generations, the family have left their mark both through their inventions and through their presence in the courts of royalty.

    From this unique history, the Maison has successfully distilled the very essence of  watchmaking to devise timeless watches that combine art and science – right down to the provocative pieces produced in recent years, including Perrelet's Turbine collections, with their own very special type of audacity.

  • Perrelet's 5 key dates

    1729: birth of Abraham-Louis Perrelet
    1781: birth of Frédéric-Louis Perrelet
    1823: Frédéric Louis Perrelet presents an astronomical watch
    1995: creation of the double rotor
    2004: the Firm becomes a part of the Festina Group

  • Perrelet's collections

    Double Rotor: The Double Rotor collection highlights this ingenious winding system. In addition to the traditional rotor, there is a rotor constantly visible in the centre of the dial. The two are fully synchronised, providing improved performance – as well as giving the wearer the fun of watching and checking the constant oscillations back and forth.

    Diver: This collection marks Perrelet's stunning entrance into the world of deep sea diving. Redolent with a timeless elegance that will appeal to the lovers of all extreme sports.

    Chronograph: With both full-back and skeleton versions, Perrelet provides an original take on a contemporary chronograph.

    Specialties: This collection includes three types of complication and three different models: retrograde hour display, jumping hour and moon's phase.

    Titanium: The collection includes models from the other collections, here featuring a titanium casing.

    Classic: This traditional, timeless collection features two very sober models.

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  • Perrelet - First Class Lady Open Heart
  • Perrelet - First Class Open Heart
  • Perrelet - New Diamond Flower
  • Perrelet - Turbillon
  • Perrelet - Turbine
  • Perrelet - Turbine Chrono
  • Perrelet - Turbine XL Paranoia
  • Perrelet - Turbine Pilot
  • Perrelet - Turbine Pilot
  • Perrelet - Turbine Poker
  • Perrelet - Turbine Skeleton
  • Perrelet - Turbine Skeleton
  • Perrelet - Turbine XL Vegas
  • Perrelet - Turbine XS
  • Perrelet - Turbine Yacht
  • Perrelet - Turbine Yacht
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Featured Perrelet Watches

  • Perrelet Turbine Pilot Cuir Black Watch-face-view


    Turbine Pilot

  • Perrelet-Turbine-Chrono-A1074-2-face-view


    Turbine Chrono

  • Perrelet - Double Rotor - Turbillon - A3037/1


    Double Rotor


  • Perrelet - Turbine Playing with Fire


    Special Edition

    Turbine Playing with Fire

  • Perrelet New Diamond Flower Gold Brown Cuir Watch-face-view


    New Diamond Flower Gold

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First Class Double Rotor & Double Rotor Skeleton

— This autumn, Perrelet is enriching its First Class line with two new collections: First Class Double Rotor and First Class Double Rotor Skeleton.
OCTOBER 15, 2015
Perrelet - First Class Double Rotor Skeleton
Perrelet - SIAR


— From October 20th to 22nd, Perrelet will be one of the protagonists in the 9th edition of the SIAR, America’s most upscale watch exhibition.
OCTOBER 01, 2015
Perrelet Turbine Pilot

Turbine Pilot

— The Turbine Pilot line is now enriched wih two new models evoking the style of the 1960s aviators.
SEPTEMBER 10, 2015

Turbine & Turbine XL

— This end of summer, Perrelet enriches its Turbine collection with a couple of new timepieces. Today, we introduce you the Turbine and Turbine XL models.
SEPTEMBER 03, 2015

First Class Skeleton Gold

— The First Class Gold model also comes in a skeletonized version.
AUGUST 25, 2015
Only Watch 2015
Only Watch

Inspired personalisations

— Issued as one-off editions, the watches donated to Only Watch are exclusive not only in terms of their quantity, but also by the originality of their personalisation.
AUGUST 17, 2015

First Class Gold

— Precious gold nobly enhances the newcomers to the First Class line.
AUGUST 13, 2015

Only Watch 2015

— On behalf of Only Watch 2015, Perrelet has created an exclusive Turbine Sheriff watch.
JULY 21, 2015

First Class Lady Open Heart

— Fourth series of new First Class pieces : the First Class Lady Open Heart watches.
JULY 17, 2015

First Class Open Heart

— A gents' watch with visible balance wheel appearing through a dial opening at 6 o’clock
JULY 09, 2015
Perrelet First Class Lady

First Class Lady

— The First Class Lady collection by Perrelet appears graces with six new dials.
JULY 03, 2015

First Class

— The First Class collection is rounded off with three new models
JUNE 24, 2015
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Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day!

— A selection of watches that make ideal gifts for Mothers Day, for those who may not yet have made their minds up.
MAY 06, 2015
  • Montres squelettes
    Skeleton watches

    Mechanical exhibitionism

    — In 2015, they are keeping nothing back! And especially not the intricate workings of the movements of which they reveal the essential organs. Skeleton watches...
    MARCH 04, 2015
  • Perrelet, Turbine Skeleton

    Turbine Skeleton

    — For the first time, Perrelet combines a skeleton movement with a turbine, thereby completely reinventing its iconic model: the details and dimensions are...
    JANUARY 16, 2015
  • Tristan Boyer de Bouillane CEO de Perrelet

    Tristan Boyer de Bouillane

    — Profile of Perrelet's CEO.
    JANUARY 05, 2015