One hundred and forty years’ worth of uninterrupted history have allowed Piaget to forge its unique jewellery and watchmaking expertise. The Brand is a genuine Fine Watchmaking manufacture that brings together the art of ultraflat technology and the finest jewel-setting, characterised by its undyingly elegant and refined aesthetics.

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  • About Piaget

    It was in 1874 that Georges Edouard Piaget set up his first watchmaking workshop on the family farm at La Côte-aux-Fées in the Swiss Jura. He devoted himself to making high-precision movements, supplying them to the most prestigious brands. The business soon expanded; Georges Edouard Piaget’s movements and knowhow gained recognition abroad, and the small workshop took off.

    In 1911, Timothée Piaget continued the work of his father with the same degree of enthusiasm, and the workshop became a manufacture. It was not until 1943, however, that Piaget registered his name as a brand name. Ever since, the erstwhile family workshop has been making watches marketed using its own brand name.

    Gérald and Valentin Piaget, the founder’s grandsons, led the Firm towards fresh horizons, further enhancing its international reputation. On the strength of its success, in 1945 Piaget had a new manufacture built in its native village and very soon began to excel in the production of the ultraflat movements that were to become the hallmark of the manufacture from 1957 onwards. During the 1960s, it extended its knowhow to jewellery, entering into partnership with goldsmiths. Piaget launched daring jewellery watches, such as the cuff watch. The Piaget Polo – the Firm’s other iconic avant-garde timepiece – came out in 1979.

    In 1996, the Firm demonstrated its commitment to protecting world heritage by taking part in the restoration of the Clock Tower in Venice, a legendary monument to the history of horology.

    Confirming its ascent, in 2001 Piaget opened a new manufacture in Plan-les-Ouates, complete with its own R&D department. The flattest automatic movement and watch in the world were developed there in 2010, and released two years later in a skeleton version.

  • Piaget's philosophy

    One hundred and forty years’ worth of uninterrupted history have allowed Piaget to forge its unique jewellery and watchmaking expertise. The Brand is a genuine Fine Watchmaking manufacture that brings together the art of ultraflat technology and the finest jewel-setting, characterised by its undyingly elegant and refined aesthetics.

    It is fully integrated, excelling in all the trades necessary for the design and production of its own timepieces. Its cases, made exclusively from precious metals, demonstrate its commitment to the noblest materials.

    Ever since it was founded, Piaget has successfully, patiently and determinedly built a history that remains true to the philosophy of its founder.

  • Piaget's 5 key dates

    1874: Piaget founded
    1945: the first manufacture is built
    1960: development of the 12P extra-thin automatic movement
    1998: creation of the Altiplano line
    2010: development of the thinnest movement and automatic watch in the world

  • Piaget's collections

    Black Tie: Fitted with the thinnest movements on the market, including a tourbillon, perpetual calendar and minute repeater, the Black Tie collection features the very best in fine watchmaking finishes for its calibers and cushion or tonneau-shaped cases.

    Altiplano: The legendary Altiplano collection comes in white, pink or yellow gold – and in jewelled, enamelled or skeleton versions. Embodying discreet, refined elegance, this line of ultraflat timepieces has established the manufacture’s reputation in this speciality.

    Piaget Polo: This collection, featuring a sports look and fully integrated strap, comprises timepieces with gadrooned cases. Offering ladies’, men’s, automatic and chronograph versions, the Piaget Polo collection is characterised by alternating matte and gloss surfaces, giving it an elegant, sophisticated look that’s right for every occasion.

    Dancer and Traditional Watches: This collection brings together various round timepieces, with minimalist jewelled and skeleton models. The fully integrated straps illustrate the Maison’s incredible knowhow.

    Limelight: The Limelight collection comprises ladies’ jewelled timepieces in which Piaget expresses all its adventurous creativity, with a wide range of shapes.

    Possession: The Possession line boasts a fun case featuring a bezel that can be rotated to show off one or more diamonds.

    Créative collection: In the Créative collection, Piaget brings together its greatest creative talent, whose artistic inspiration breathes life into timepieces with unique designs.

  • Contact Piaget

    Branch of Richemont International SA
    Chemin du Champ-des-Filles 37
    CH-1228 Plan-les-Ouates
    T. +41 22 884 48 44

    Official website



The watch list

Featured Piaget Watches

  • Piaget Altiplano 900P G0A39111 - face view




  • Piaget Emperador Tourbillon G0A38041 - watch face view


    Emperador Coussin


  • Piaget Limelight Gala G0A39166 - watch face view


    Limelight Gala

  • Piaget Extremely Piaget Oval Traditional watch G0A32211 - watch face view



    Ovale Traditioal

  • Piaget Extremely Piaget Reversible Cuff watch G0A39223 - watch face view



    Reversible cuff

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